June 6, 2021

WORLD: Voting For The July 29 AMC Annual Shareholder Meeting Begins On June 16. AMC Price Spike On June 2nd Was Mostly FOMO People Buying Shares Before June 2nd Voting Eligibility Cutoff.

Trey's Trades published June 3, 2021: AMC CEO Adam Aron Interview - In this livestream, we will ask questions from the apes to address recent market conditions happening with AMC stock.

I TOOK THESE SCREENSHOTS ABOVE BEFORE I OPENED ACCOUNT ELSEWHERE AND PUT IN MY TRANSFER REQUEST. First Robinhood locked me out of my account when AMC price shot up on June 2nd. Then the next day, I kept having trouble accessing my Webull account when the AMC price was continuing to soar. Thank goodness I didn't want to do any trading on these days they blocked my access. I was done having to be at their mercy during such a critical moment. I opened an account elsewhere that I will not disclose where I feel and hope my assets are safe. It could have been just a technical glitch or it could have been an evil "Resistance" employee inside these companies hurting those they hate. Sadly, that's what they do. They can't help it, they are a Commie hive mind. I want to feel confident that I will be able to sell my AMC shares when the squeeze happens. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE 6/6/21 at 3:23pm: Added info below. CLICK LINK 👉 AMC Short Squeeze Simulator 👈 select trainer

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