June 28, 2021

USA: San Francisco Mayor Announced That $3.75 Million Will Be Diverted From Law Enforcement Budgets To Black Organizations. DEFUNDING THE POLICE With A NO BAIL District Attorney UGH ๐Ÿ˜’

Breitbart News
written by Penny Starr
Thursday May 6, 2021

The mayor of San Francisco announced Wednesday that $3.75 million will be taken FROM the city’s police and sheriff’s office budget to go to help black organizations.

Mayor London Breed issued a statement about the Dream Keeper Initiative that will fund “nonprofits that serve the black community.”

“Across this country, and in our city, we’ve seen how the black community’s economic growth and prosperity has historically been disrupted and marginalized,” Breed said in the statement. “We have invested our resources in a way that lifts up and supports African American small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the entire community.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the development:

As part of the initiative, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development awarded funds to 17 black-serving community organizations to provide services for African American businesses, entrepreneurs, and their communities in San Francisco.

Organizations awarded the funds include the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco Housing Development Corporation, and the Children’s Council of San Francisco.

The funds will be used to provide economic relief from the pandemic; help start, stabilize, or grow existing Black businesses by offering consultations and legal guidance; and support African American cultural preservation events. Funds will also be used to establish community hubs that stimulate cultural and business development and provide education and resources in historically African American neighborhoods such as Bayview-Hunters Point, Fillmore/Western Addition, Potrero Hill, and Visitacion Valley.

“This funding represents an investment in the community and addressing the wealth and opportunity gaps created by years of biased policies and approaches,” Sheryl Davis, executive director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, said in a statement.

“There is tremendous talent and potential that has been stifled by our biased policies and strategies,” Davis said.

Neither the report nor the statements explained what portion of law enforcement’s budget would be affected by the cuts.
KRON4 News, Bay area local
written by Alexa Mae Asperin
Tuesday June 22, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO – A new poll released Tuesday by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce shows 8 out of 10 residents in San Francisco consider crime has worsened in recent years.

It’s the second year in a row residents are saying crime has increased – with 70% feeling the quality of life in San Francisco has declined.

Suspect arrested for string of violent crimes in San Francisco According to the poll, a high number of respondents cited the city’s homeless crisis and crime as the leading problems.

Around 88% of people said homelessness has worsened in recent years, and 80% viewed addressing this homeless crisis a high priority.

Here are some other key findings from the poll:
  • 60% believe it should be a high priority for San Francisco to maintain funding for police academy classes in order to recruit younger, diverse, progressive members to replace those who have retired or left the San Francisco Police Department
  • 76% say it should be a high priority for the city to increase the number of police officers in high-crime neighborhoods
  • 82% want to see more caseworkers on the streets to help individuals suffering from mental illness 
  • 74% support providing more temporary shelter for homeless individuals
The CityBeat Poll offers a glimpse into San Francisco voter sentiments, attitudes, and opinions on issues including quality of life, housing and affordability, and transportation.

The poll is released annually.
The New York Post
written by Hannah E. Meyers
Thursday June 17, 2021

The viral video was quasi-farcical: A thief in a San Francisco Walgreens on Monday balanced on his bike as he skimmed it down the aisles, filling his black garbage bag with merchandise, looking like a larcenous Santa Claus as he then coasted past the store’s guard out into the California sunshine.

But there was nothing funny about the social crisis on display. The scene captured in that video puts paid to the lie that “progressive” policies that excuse crime and weaken law enforcement are about a deep and fundamental respect for people. Quite the opposite.

Clearly, San Francisco is in trouble. Walgreens officials stated in May that thefts in its Frisco stores quadrupled their national average. The chain has had to shutter 17 locations where merchandise was getting lifted rather than bought.

This is no coincidence. Permissive state and local policies and attitudes have signaled to thieves that San Francisco is a perfect “shopping” destination: a mecca for organized retail crime.

In 2014, a statewide law (Proposition 47) reclassified nonviolent thefts as misdemeanors for stolen goods worth less than $950. California’s property crime immediately spiked from below the national average to above it and has continued to grow. And San Francisco, as of 2019, had twice the property-crime rate per resident — 1 in 18 — as the rest of California; not to mention that San Francisco’s rate of violent crime per resident is 50 percent above California’s.

In January 2020, San Francisco’s new “progressive” district attorney, Chesa Boudin (a son of convicted cop killers), made decreasing penalties for nonviolent offenses a cornerstone of his agenda. He also crusaded to ban cash bail, reduce prison populations and pursue non-incarceration.

That year, while burglaries were down nationwide, they rose in San Francisco by 50 percent; motor-vehicle theft, up around 4 percent nationwide, shot up in San Francisco by 22 percent. As the petition for one of the two recall efforts against Boudin stated: “In 2020, violent crime, home invasions, rampant and unchecked drug dealing and business-property theft have turned our city upside down.”

Everyone goes toward greatest opportunity and least risk. Thieves flock to San Francisco, unconcerned by what amounts to the vague threat of a citation should they be detained — which is unlikely, as police make arrests in less than 3 percent of reported thefts, and these cases rarely get prosecuted.

These same patterns are afoot here in New York City, where crooks travel from The Bronx, where Duane Reade stores (a subsidiary of Walgreens) are manned by armed guards, to the easy pickings of less-secured Upper West Side locations. As in Frisco, Gotham’s shoplifters steal whatever they can fence. They include ice-cream nabbers, who clear out shelves of Hรคagen-Dazs cartons to resell to bodegas and individuals for whatever profit they can turn.

Despite the naรฏve handwringing of the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, most such thieves aren’t desperate mothers stealing baby food. In San Francisco, for example, professional crime accounts for 85 percent of CVS’s dollar losses, according to a company official. It is the province of full-time crooks and drug addicts, who fence the stolen goods to feed their addictions.

Last year, Bay Area sting operations on fencing rings recovered approximately $8 million of stolen merchandise from retailers including CVS, Target and Walgreens. Add the fact that the city’s overdose deaths doubled those from COVID-19 and the widespread entrenchment of squad homeless encampments, and the picture that emerges is an urban dystopia.

Boudin and likeminded policymakers in the Big Apple may think that removing the barriers to shoplifting shows a lofty empathy for offenders or an enlightened indifference to “low-level” crime. In fact, such neglect underwrites drug addictions and professionalizes criminal fencing rings. It shows zero compassion for mistreated store workers, whose daily jobs involve inconvenience, indignity and danger from cocky crooks — and, in at least 17 locations around Frisco, ultimately unemployment.

The anti-anti-crime attitude, moreover, harms the residents around those 17 locations, who have lost easy access to amenities and filled prescriptions. And it tells pharmacy shareholders that investing in the business isn’t worth it.

Monday’s blasรฉ biking thief treated the rule of law like a joke — because that’s what the law has become in San Francisco and dozens of blue-governed cities.


The Commie funded Democrats say the complete opposite of what is reality. He's expressing his own perception of reality that is NOT actually happening in the real world. (emphasis mine)

The Citizens, serving Rockdale and Newton Counties
written by Dan Simon, CNN
Wednesday June 23, 2021

Suspected burglars hit again and again, police chief says

From the San Francisco Police Department's perspective, recent crime problems boil down to two factors: not enough cops on the street and a revolving door of criminals.

"These same people ... are going into the stores and snatching property," San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott told CNN. "Once we arrest them, we find out they've been arrested over and over again. It's frustrating."

While overall crime decreased last year, burglaries in the city exploded -- up 52%. The Richmond District alone saw a spike of 370%, records show.

Meantime, only 11 of the city's top 25 repeat offenders for burglary are in custody, according to police.

"We're at our wits' end," said Richie Greenberg, a former mayoral candidate who is leading an effort to recall San Francisco's chief prosecutor.

Many lay blame with District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a former public defender. Since he was elected in 2019, Boudin has enacted controversial policies, such as ending cash bail, aimed at releasing people from incarceration (Los Angeles DA recently took THE SAME path).

At the height of the pandemic, Boudin reduced the prison population by nearly 50%.

"We have a rogue DA," Greenberg said.

Boudin said the city's most pressing problems are better addressed at the root level. "The reality is we are never going to police or prosecute our way out of problems like poverty, mental illness and homelessness. The United States leads the world in locking people up and it has not made us safer," he said.

Chief Scott, on the other hand, says, "If you don't want people to sit in jail for running in the store and taking a garbage bag full of property, then put enough police officers out there to prevent it."

Beyond the statistics is the brash nature of some recent property crimes. One man just last week was caught shoplifting at a Walgreens Pharmacy in plain view of a security guard and as CNN affiliate KGO-TV's camera rolled.

The suspect was arrested after allegedly trying to steal from another store. Walgreens has closed 17 stores in San Francisco over the past five years due to organized crime rings, it said.

"Every single day -- anytime they want," a Walgreens clerk said of shoplifters who often take items like paper towels from his shop on busy Geary Avenue. "Sometimes there's a group of shoplifters."

The store has practically half its merchandise locked up to thwart thieves, a fact that now symbolizes everyday life here.

UPDATE 6/28/21 at 5:25pm: Added info below.

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