June 2, 2021

USA: Hundreds Of Racist Marxist Black Supremacists From Across America Gathered In Tulsa, OK And Staged An Armed March Shouting Black Power And Cracka We Will Kill Every White In Sight.

The Post Millennial
written by Libby Emmons
Monday March 31, 2021

Video emerged online purportedly from an alleged black nationalist rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma as part of the National Black Power Convention this weekend. It shows activists wearing black listening to speeches about black nationalism and white supremacy.

Hundreds of black men and women from across the country gathered in Tulsa and staged an armed march through the city on the centenary anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The New Black Panther Party was the largest group at the march.

"We're pushing death to white supremacy, death to capitalism, death to imperialism, and death to fascism. We're pushing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a head for a head, and a life for a life," a man shouts through a megaphone to the gathered crowd.

"White supremacists bust us upside the head and drug us over here to pick cotton, so they can get rich, so they can get wealthy," he says.

"That's what they did!" A man shouts from the crowd.

"But I would like to tell you," the speaker continues, "even though you are not in Africa, Africa was born in you. Africa was born in you!"

"Black power!" People cheer from the crowd.

The speaker continues, saying "This is a powerful historical event, we must not let it stop right there. We must push deeply into the so-called black-on-black violence, the community violence, the fear, the self-hatred, which pits us against each other, which pits us to gang violence. We must go into our hood," he said. He called for people to deal with the gang violence in their neighborhoods.

"They put us through vicious suffering, vicious oppression," he said. "Once they are buried, we must bury them, dig them up, and kill them again." This became an audience chant.

Another speaker took the megaphone and said "Black people will kill everything white in sight," because of "all what you've done to us, all of what you're done in the 6,000 year span and killing 600 million of us and 408 years in particular," he said.

"They are a race that's trying to hold on to power, and a race has beginning and an ending and your ending time has been made up since 1914, no-good peckerwood," he said.

"This is the time when Malcolm talked about," he said. He spoke about a "united front," and that it was time to "give these crackers hell."
Another speaker spoke about how "the white man, his graveyard, only goes back a few hundred years," in the US, and that called for reparations in the form of land. He said that the number of black Oklahomans that were killed during the Tulsa race riots 100 years ago was far greater than has been reported.

Demonstrators were demanding reparations, and calling for black Americans to stage armed defenses of themselves and their communities. This weekend marked the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race riots.

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CNBC published May 20, 2021: Biden delivers remarks before signing the 2021 Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act at the White House.
UPDATE 6/2/21 at 9:22pm: Added info below. UPDATE 6/3/21 at 11:02am: Added info below.

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