June 24, 2021

USA: 5 People Arrested In Connection To A Memorial Day Shooting That Left 3 Dead, Including A Toddler, Outside Of A Louisiana Apartment Complex. Mom Drove 2 Sons To Texas To Flee Police After Shooting

New York Post
written by Kenneth Garger
Thursday June 10, 2021

Five people were arrested this week in connection to a Memorial Day shooting that left three dead, including a toddler, outside of a Louisiana apartment complex, a report said.

The suspects include two brothers — 19-year-old David Williams and LeDarrius Coleman, 15 — and their mother Latoya Coleman, who is accused of driving them to Texas to flee police after the fatal shooting, WBRZ reported.

The siblings are among the suspected triggermen in the shooting at the Fairway View Apartments pool and lounge area in Baton Rouge, the report said.

Police said the shooting erupted following a fight between the suspects and two males — a teen and a man, both of whom were killed.

The gunfire also fatally struck 18-month-old Ja’tyri “JT” Brown.

Charges against the brothers were pending Thursday. Their mother is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder, the report said.
ABC2 WBRZ News, local
written by Staff
Thursday June 10, 2021
Click the link above to watch the WBRZ broadcast regarding this news. The website doesn't allow me to link the video to my blog. I search for any news from any source on YouTube regarding this incident and found nothing. Incredible censorship. (emphasis mine)
BATON ROUGE - Two brothers accused in a shooting that left three people dead, including a toddler, were captured several days after their mother drove them to another state so they could avoid law enforcement.

On Thursday, the Baton Rouge Police Department announced the arrests of David Williams, 19, and his 15-year-old brother, LeDarrius Coleman. Arrest records suggest the brothers fired gunshots that left at least two of the three victims dead.

Earlier this week, police arrested another 15-year-old suspect and two adults in the fatal shooting. The two adults arrested are Latoya Coleman and Christopher Stovall.

Coleman, the mother of Williams and his 15-year-old brother arrested Thursday, is charged as an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

Stovall is booked as a principal to three counts of first-degree murder.

A third juvenile, 15-year-old Darrell Edwards, was booked Tuesday as a principal to three counts of first-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon. District Attorney Hillar Moore said he hasn't decided whether the teen will be charged as an adult.

According to arrest records, video surveillance of the Memorial Day shooting shows the suspects entering Fairway View Apartments pool and lounge area.

Officials said the suspects then got into a fight with two males who were seated in lounge chairs near the pool.

This is when the deadly shooting occurred, according to the affidavit. The two males were shot and killed, in addition to an 18-month-old child who was caught in the crossfire.

The official report goes on to say that footage from video surveillance shows the suspects fleeing west from the apartments, holding stolen weapons.

The arrest report adds that immediately after the shooting, one of the suspects allegedly called a family member and explained what happened, plainly stating that he and his brother had just shot two people. The document says the family member confirmed this call with authorities.

Police go on to say that after gathering more information, they interviewed Coleman on June 8 and while speaking with her, discovered that she helped her two sons flee to Texas after the shooting. She was arrested for her alleged role in helping her sons evade capture.

The arrests come a little more than a week after the May 31 shooting killed three people: Ja'tyri "JT" Brown, the toddler, along with a teenager and one adult.

Police said the child was playing near a pool at the Fairway View apartment complex on College Drive when she was hit by gunfire. Her family said she was just a bystander hit by a stray bullet when the gunmen opened fire in the parking lot.

Arrest records indicate that Williams' was charged with three counts of first degree murder and illegal use of a weapon.

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