June 25, 2021

USA: 19-Year-Old Arizona Rapper Arrested After He Went On A 90-Minute Shooting Spree In Maricopa County, Arizona Killing One Person, Leaving 12 Others Injured.

azfamily powered by 3TV and CBS5AZ published June 18, 2021: Police give new details about suspect linked to shooting spree. New court documents reveal that man accused in a west Valley shooting spree thought others were pointing guns at him.
azfamily powered by 3TV and CBS5AZ published June 22, 2021: Peoria police give new details about last week's shooting spree in the west Valley. We now know the name of the man killed in the shooting spree in the west Valley last Thursday. Police also say the suspect could be linked to other crimes.

KJZZ Radio 91.5
written by Matthew Casey
Thursday June 24, 2021

Peoria police have identified a 67-year-old man found dead in his red pickup truck pulled from a canal after last week’s shooting spree in the West Valley, and the list of gun-wielding incidents detectives have tied to a 19-year-old suspect has grown again.

Police say Ashin Tricarico pointed a gun at a woman in a vehicle one week before he went on a shooting spree that left David Liebler dead.

A police-built timeline of last Thursday’s violence says Tricarico first opened fire near Northern Avenue and the Loop 101.

Next, he allegedly shot Liebler on the freeway.

Tricarico then reportedly fired at three vehicles and a pedestrian in a roughly half-mile stretch of Union Hills Drive.

Police say Tricarico crossed the Agua Fria River, shot at people in their 80s, and went north to where the final shooting took place near the Loop 303 and Happy Valley Road.

Imagine if Arizona state or Peoria, Maricopa County had ZERO BAIL like the Commie funded District Attorneys have implemented in Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore etc? Basically, every Commie funded Democrat-run city where violent crime has skyrocketed has ZERO BAIL giving criminals free reign. If Maricopa county had been a ZERO BAIL district, this guy would have been booked and immediately released back into the public sphere allowing him to reoffend. (emphasis mine) 

written by Staff
Friday June 18, 2021

SUPRISE, GLENDALE (3TV/CBS 5) - It's a frightening case that gripped residents across the West Valley Thursday as a shooting spree left one person dead, a dozen hurt, and a whole lot of people scared.

Ashin Tricarico, 19, of Surprise, was arrested in connection with the string of crimes. He faces multiple charges, including first-degree murder, endangerment, aggravated assault and drive-by shooting, authorities said.

New court documents allege Tricarico fired at more than a dozen people, seemingly at random. In some cases, he pulled up beside vehicles and placed the barrel of an assault rifle through his window and fired multiple shots, police said.

Tricarico left his house in the city of Surprise with an AR-15 rifle and later bought four boxes of ammunition, filling two 30-round magazines. Matching shell casings were found at some of the shooting scenes, police said.

Peoria police call this a "complex case involving multiple victims, from multiple jurisdictions."

Court paperwork released Friday gives a breakdown of the crime spree that left a trail of victims across several cities. Most of the gunfire was reported Thursday, but police believe Tricarico actually began Wednesday evening.

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