June 11, 2021

Powerful New Moon Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse In Gemini On Thursday June 10th. Beautiful State Of Mind by Tania Gabrielle. Also, June’s 11 Universal Month: Starting Fresh!

written by Tania Gabrielle

On June 10 a major Gemini activation comes to a head during the Gemini Solar Eclipse.
  • The Sun and Moon in Gemini will be conjunct Mercury Retrograde, ruler of Gemini!
  • June 10 and 19° Sun and Moon create a powerful 10:10:10 code of Instant Manifestation and New Beginnings.
Of course, New Moon Solar Eclipses represent new beginnings too!

Also of note: the eclipse and Mercury create a triple square to Neptune.

Mercury and Gemini represent the rational mind and Neptune governs dreams, your imagination – and Inspiration.
  • This triple square to Neptune will bring to light the difference between INSPIRATION and living in a FANTASY.
Discover how you can transcend fantasizing and turn to inspiration in this brand new eclipse forecast.

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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WPRI published June 10, 2021: The 'ring of fire' partial solar eclipse of 2021
CBC News June 9, 2021: How to see the June 10 annular solar eclipse. Bob McDonald, host of Quirks and Quarks, shows us when and where Canadians can see the next annular eclipse, which occurs when the moon covers all but the outer edge of the sun, creating what some call a 'ring of fire.'
I added the picture above to the message I shared.

written by Tania Gabrielle

June, 2021 brings the blessings of master number 11. This gateway of heightened creativity, intuition and new beginnings merges with Mercury retrograde in Gemini and the Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10.

Expect a lot to shift in your life this month!
The mix of reflection with starting fresh creates a unique opportunity:

To branch out beyond duality and embrace oneness.
  • 11 is the number of LIGHT.
  • 11 is the portal of living utterly in the present moment.
If you want more LOVE in your life and more LIGHT to shine, then step through the 11 gateway – risk it all in order to be fully conscious!

To help with our attunement to love and light two more planets enter retrograde motion later this month, both in Pisces: Jupiter (ancient ruler of Pisces) and Neptune (modern ruler of Pisces).

This introduces a beautiful combination of joy and love!

Furthermore, Pisces and 11 are deeply creative.

Both thrive on being in the flow… As the Light reveals more and more truth, you are equally inspired to be present and open to receive.
  • Your Light animates all your lifetimes.
  • Your beliefs animate how you experience life now.
  • You experience what you believe.
Take this month to re-evaluate (Mercury retrograde) and replenish your spirit.
Take every moment to learn, grow, create, have fun, explore and express yourself.

Allow Love, the ingredient of all creation and life on every dimension, to guide you.

Be at ease with life as it unfolds…

Through acceptance you are set free.

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Love and Blessings, Tania Gabrielle

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