May 4, 2021

USA: A Police Officer Pulls Over A Woman Driver For Using Her Cell Phone While Driving. She Called Him A Murderer And A Mexican Racist. She Said You'll Always Be A Mexican, You'll Never Be White.

Fox News
written by Yael Halon
Monday May 3, 2021

A woman can be heard verbally attacking a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy with racist slurs during a standard traffic stop in bodycam footage exclusively obtained by Fox News' Bill Melugin and featured on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday.

The anti-cop hostility in the U.S. reared its ugly head during a traffic stop last month when an officer pulled over a woman who appeared to be using her cellphone while driving.

The 14-year career officer told Melugin that he recorded the interaction on both his official department-issued bodycam and a personal one he bought to "protect himself from false allegations" as the public continues to demonize police following the death of George Floyd last year.

As the unidentified officer approaches the window, the driver begins recording him on her cellphone, before saying, "I started to record because you’re a murderer."

When the officer calmly explains to the woman she "can't be on your cellphone while you are driving" and requests to see her identification, the driver fires back, "It's at my apartment, and I am perfectly legal and I am a teacher."

The interaction took a turn when the woman called the officer a "Mexican racist."

"You are always going to be a Mexican," she is heard saying. "You will never be White. You know that, right?"

Melugin called the exchange a "grade A example of the kind of animosity that some of the officers out there are encountering on the streets."

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told Fox News that he was "appalled" by what he saw in the video, but commended his deputy for staying professional.

"She claims to be a teacher. I'm not so sure where she is teaching... but if she represents her profession, is that an indictment on her profession and the caliber of people?" Villanueva asked.

"You have one incident like George Floyd....but some people want to label the entire profession as if everyone was a Derek Chauvin. It shows you that bigotry, racism comes in all, colors and all ages -- that's proof of that right there. If you want to call all of the deputies murderers, unfortunately, you are doing the exact same thing you're accusing other people of doing against your own kind."

The LA County Sheriff's department told Fox News that the woman in the video called internal affairs and filed a harassment complaint against the deputy immediately after the incident. The department also said that the woman has a history of making false claims against deputies.

Fox News has identified the woman, but she has not responded to the network's multiple requests for comment.

 I was watching KTLA5 this morning and they reported on this incident focusing solely on the racist issue never showing or mentioning the woman driver repeatedly calling the police officer a murderer. So, KTLA5 is misleading their audience in a big way. Because she is one of their own. But they want their audience to believe she is a White racist "right-wing" Republican. KTLA5 didn't upload a video clip of this news segment on YouTube. I wish I had videotaped it for you. (emphasis mine)

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