May 8, 2021

USA: Heads Up, Biden Appointee At The DOJ Said The IRS Is Seeking Information About US Taxpayers Who Conducted At Least $20,000 Worth Of Transactions In Cryptocurrency From 2016 To 2020. Also, Inserted Dogecoin And AMC.

Reuters News
written by Staff
Wednesday May 5, 2021

A federal court in the United States has authorized the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to serve a "John Doe Summons" on the crypto exchange Kraken, seeking identities of U.S. taxpayers who have used cryptocurrency, the Department of Justice said on Wednesday.

The IRS is seeking information about taxpayers who conducted at least $20,000 worth of transactions in cryptocurrency from 2016 to 2020, the DOJ said in a statement.

"Those who transact with cryptocurrency must meet their tax obligations like any other taxpayer", acting Assistant Attorney General David Hubbert of the Justice Department's Tax Division said in the statement.
CNBC Television published May 7, 2021: SEC Chairman Gary Gensler: There needs to be 'greater investor protection' of crypto markets.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler joined "Squawk Box" on Friday to discuss what he's anticipating when it comes to future regulation of crypto markets. "I think that we need greater investor protection there," Gensler said.
New York Angelo published May 7, 2021: ๐Ÿ”ฅJIM CRAMER MELT DOWN 2. AMC Keep their heads ringing.
Cramer said, "Once again Karl they didn't, did the chairman say 'you know what we gotta stop this Dogecoin. This whole thing is ridiculous.' NO! Kind of like Chase says I can't think anymore. Gensler did not stop it! No one is willing to stop it Karl. No one is willing to say, ENOUGH! Dogecoin does not exist as of NOW!"

What a fucker. Dogecoin has utility. Who the hell is this asshole to say what investment is allowed to exist and what doesn't. Sorry for cursing, but he has worked my last nerve. Cramer was fine when all of his Wall Street buddies were creating derivatives out of thin air from junk Mortgage Backed Securities. Cramer's buddies were creating derivatives upon derivatives upon derivatives and they sold this garbage to pensions and to countries. Which were the cause of the GLOBAL 2008 Subprime Mortgage Implosion. These are the same Wall Street assholes who are behind the NAKED SHORT SELLING fuckery bankrupting good hardworking companies on purpose for their massive personal gain. (emphasis mine)
I'm replying to an article about Dogecoin in this next tweet. ๐Ÿ‘‡ UPDATE 5/8/21 at 1:16am: Added info below. UPDATE 5/8/21 at 3:23pm: Added info below. UPDATE 5/8/21 at 4:14pm: Added info below.

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