April 7, 2021

USA: Lawsuit Filed Against Electronic Dance Music Icon Bassnectar For Alleged Child Sex Trafficking, Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse. Used Power And Influence To Sexually Victimize Underage Girls.

Fox News
written by Nate Day
Monday April 5, 2021

A lawsuit against electronic dance music icon Bassnectar has been filed alleging sex crimes.

A complaint was filed on Friday on behalf of two women, Fox News can confirm. The filing accuses the musician --born Lorin Ashton -- of "sex trafficking," "child pornography" and "sexual abuse."

Also named as defendants were companies Amorphous Music Inc., Bassnectar Touring Inc., Interactive Giving Fund, Red Light Management and C3 Presents LLC.

The suit claims that Ashton's positive public image is "nothing more than a veil to mask his sinister desires and actions and a means to use his power and influence to groom and ultimately sexually victimize underage girls."

In the legal documents, the musician was accused of using social media, live shows and more "in order to gain young girls trust" and would require them to contact him through "secretive messaging apps ... so that he could groom them for eventual sex acts, get them to send him sexually explicit photographs and further exploit them for his own gratification."

Ashton would allegedly invite underage girls to his hotel room after shows, demand they shower and have sex with them, "requiring the sex be unprotected." Additionally, he was accused of providing "large sums of cash and other items of value in exchange."

As stated earlier, he also allegedly demanded that the underage girls send him sexually explicit pictures via their cell phones that violated child pornography laws.

According to the suit, Bassnectar would suggest the plaintiffs watch the film "American Beauty," which follows a man engaging in a relationship with an underage woman.

Despite knowing they were underage, the docs say, Ashton would provide tickets and travel arrangements for the young women and would demand sex during their time together and imposed strict rules over them. The companies mentioned in the suit were allegedly used to "fund and support Bassnectar's sex trafficking venture."

Specifically, one plaintiff accused the star of meeting her at a hotel and having unprotected sex with her before providing her with $1,000. At a later date, he engaged in "sexual abuse" toward the woman and required her to abstain from sex with others while he was free to engage with others.

During a phone call, the plaintiff allegedly confronted Ashton about their encounters, calling it "statutory rape." He allegedly admitted to his "inappropriate" actions.

The second plaintiff had a similar story, alleging that the musician suggested they meet at a hotel and had sex with her before providing her with cash while she was under 18. They allegedly had sexual encounters in 10 different states.

Both plaintiffs' incidents occurred between 2012-2016

Reps for Ashton and the other defendants did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment. If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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