April 8, 2021

Eyes of the Devil: A Documentary Film About Child Trafficking For Child Sex Slaves Or Organ Harvesting by Patryk Vega. Very Disturbing To Get First Hand Accounts From The Sellers And The Buyers.

Patryk Vega published March 16, 2021: Eyes of the Devil: A Documentary Film by Patryk Vega 

Children are being sold online here in the United States as well. ๐Ÿ‘‡

this is happening more than we think๐Ÿ’” tag offerup pls !!

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Mouthy Buddha's PedoGate 2020 Documentary.

This documentary looks deeper into the evidence of an organized pedophilia ring in DC which came to light during the Obama admin.

These networks have been in existence prior to this, still continue to this day. 27 minute video worth watching. It will help you understand how the children are trafficked worldwide without getting caught.๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿšจ


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UPDATE 4/8/21 at 5:24am: Added info below.

Update !! @offerup we still need answers !!

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America is hiding a huge secret, please help us expose it. ##breakingcodesilence ##iseeyousurvivor ##turnaboutranch ##bhadbhabie ##drphil ##tti ##fyp

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Bhad Bhabie published March 19, 2021: Breaking Code Silence - Turn About Ranch abuse Dr. Phil | Danielle Bregoli
SL04N published March 4, 2021: Breaking Code Silence is all about calling out the Troubled Teen Industry. Today we are exploring Dr. Phil's connection to this industry and its damaging effects.

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