March 25, 2021

USA: Dr. Phil Shares His Platform With A "Virtuous Pedophile" Who Said, "I'm Typically Attracted To Girls 6 -12 Before They Hit Puberty And Very Rarely Aroused" His Wife Stands By Her Pedophile Husband

This Morning published January 11, 2017: I'm Standing by My 'Paedophile' Husband. Dr Tabitha Abel accepts that her husband is attracted to children and shares her reasons for staying in the marriage, but Phillip has some concerns.
Dr. Phil published January 23, 2017: What It’s Like Being Married To A Self-Described “Virtuous Pedophile”

A woman shares what it’s like being married for 11 years to a self-described “virtuous pedophile” – and explains why she’s stayed married to him.

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