March 6, 2021

GREECE: Central Greece Rocked By A 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Felt In Neighboring Albania And North Macedonia, And As Far As Kosovo And Montenegro.

dutchsinse published March 5, 2021: Large earthquake unrest -- New forecast for USA, Europe, Asia, Central / South America. Don't be scared , be prepared. This is "go time" as we call it.. a time of seismic unrest taking place which is noteworthy (and is spreading currently). This forecast calls for a spread to take place reaching to Europe, USA, Central, and South America.. all with noteworthy larger than normal activity this coming week.

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Inside Edition published March 4, 2021: 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Cracks Buildings in Central Greece
ABC7 published March 3, 2021: Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes central Greece, felt in Balkans. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of at least 6.0 struck central Greece Wednesday and was also felt in neighboring Albania and North Macedonia, and as far as Kosovo and Montenegro.

ABC7 News
written by Associated Press
Wednesday March 3, 2021

ATHENS, Greece -- An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of at least 6.0 struck central Greece Wednesday and was also felt in neighboring Albania and North Macedonia, and as far as Kosovo and Montenegro.

One man was injured by falling debris but there were no other immediate reports of serious injury. Local officials reported structural damage, mainly to old houses and buildings that saw walls collapse or crack.

The midday quake sent thousands of people rushing out of homes and office buildings into the streets in Larissa and Tyrnavos, the closest towns to the epicenter, which was 22 kilometers (14 miles) west-northwest of Larissa. Numerous aftershocks hit the area, the most powerful having a preliminary magnitude of over 5.0.

The quake struck at 12:16 p.m. (1015 GMT), according to the Athens Geodynamic Institute which put the preliminary magnitude at 6.0.

The United States Geological Survey and Global Seismic Monitor Geofon put the preliminary magnitude at 6.3, but it is common for magnitude estimates to vary soon after a quake.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu phoned his Greek counterpart, Nikos Dendias, to convey solidarity and offer assistance if needed, according to officials from the two neighboring countries - which are longtime regional rivals.

In Athens, seismologist Vassilis Karastathis told reporters that the quake originated in a fault line in the area that has historically not produced temblors of much larger magnitude than Wednesday's. He said the post-quake activity appeared normal so far but experts were monitoring the situation.

"The earthquake had an estimated depth of just 8 kilometers (5 miles) and that was one of the reasons why it was felt so strongly in the region," said Karastathis, who is the deputy director of the Athens Geodynamic Institute.

Nikos Gatsas, mayor of the town of Elassona which lies north of the epicenter, told Greece's state broadcaster ERT that walls of old houses had collapsed in nearby villages, and that one village school had sustained damage. All pupils had been evacuated from the building and there were no injuries.

The fire department said it had received reports of damage to one home and school, while the fire service and police were patrolling the area. All local fire departments were put on alert.

The head of the National Defense General Staff and other civil defense, fire department and political officials were heading to the area.

Greece lies in a highly seismically active region. The vast majority of earthquakes cause no damage or injuries.

Last October, an earthquake that struck the eastern Greek Aegean island of Samos and the nearby Turkish coast killed two high school students on Samos and at least 75 people in Turkey. In 1999, an earthquake near Athens killed 143 people.
IRIS Earthquake Science published October 30, 2020: Greece, Tectonics and earthquakes
Global News published March 3, 2021: Drone footage shows damaged buildings after powerful earthquake in Greece.

Greek Reporter
written by Tasos Kokkinidis
Saturday March 6, 2021

Greece announced on Saturday that it will offer cash assistance to the families in the region of Elassona whose properties were damaged by Wednesday’s the strong earthquake.

Alternate Interior Minister Stelios Petsas said that the amount of 300,000 euros ($357,000) will be given to each of the municipalities that were afflicted by the earthquake.

The earthquake measuring 6.0.on the Richter scale shook central Greece on Wednesday.

A second earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale shook the same area on Thursday.

The cash aid will be provided on Monday to the municipalities of Tyrnavos, Elassona and Farkadona.

Local residents can then be given amounts ranging from 600 to 6,000 euros, so as to deal with immediate emergencies, the minister underlined.

By Tuesday, he added, housing units will be installed to accommodate village residents at the area of Elassona, he added.

These housing units will be installed after they have first been provided with a water and power supply.

State of emergency in earthquake-hit areas

While no one was injured and no deaths were recorded, at least 30 houses, along with a school, were severely damaged in Mesochori in the municipality of Elassona.

The rapid housing of people in regional villages is a priority, Petsas added, while 37 trailer homes will also arrive there on Saturday.

Petsas, who has been visiting earthquake-hit areas on Saturday, described the earthquake as “catastrophic”, noting that “fortunately there were no casualties.”

Meanwhile, a state of emergency was on Friday declared in the municipality of Tyrnavos and the municipal unit of Potamia within the Elassona municipality, both in the Larissa regional unit.

Also, in the municipality of Farkadona in the Trikala regional unit, in order to address the emergency needs and management of the repercussions of the strong earthquake in these areas on March 3.

Opposition calls for immediate compensation

It is of the utmost critical importance and urgency to immediately compensate earthquake-afflicted citizens, said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras during his visit in central Greece on Saturday.

The main opposition party leader also visited the village of Damasi, “which resembles a bombed field”, he noted.

“It is a miracle how there weren’t any victims, and this is owed to the calm-mindedness of the local people, and especially of the teachers here and the young students”, he added.

Apart from the legally required compensations, underlined Tsipras, it is also important to relieve local businesses of their tax obligations for the next six months.

The vaccination of local residents against the coronavirus should also be prioritized, he underlined, as they will have to live in tents and outdoor housing units for several days.

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