January 13, 2021

USA: Michael Yon, A War Correspondent, Gives His Analysis Of The Events At The Capitol On January 6th. Antifa Dressed Up As Trump Supporters Staged The Riots Using Agent Provacateur Tactics.

POLICE ESCORT 4 ANTIFA BUSES TO CAPITAL HILL on January 6th the day they staged the DC Capitol riot that the media has been reporting 24/7 this past week as an insurrection by Trump supporter Nazi terrorist and Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach President Trump on.
Antifa arrived in paid charter buses.
YouTube and Twitter and Facebook deleted any evidence we were sharing with the public. Thank God for Rumble and Uge free speech zones. Video PROOF that Antifa was bussed into Washington DC Capitol on January 6th for the purpose of causing destruction.
scottsdalestudios published January 11, 2021: Michael Yon's analysis of the events at the Capitol on Jan 6th. Stop blaming Trump supporters for the violent riots at the Capitol. Michael Yon is a war correspondent and he gives his analysis of the events.
UPDATE 12/31/21 at 6:54pm: I noticed YouTube DELETED the video above. So I added another copy below from Crossroads.
Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP published January 10, 2021: 'Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon.

I have typed a transcript of the Michael Yon interview for you below.

Michael Yon: On Wednesday, the big events happened at the Capitol building with Antifa leading the way and using agent provocateur's to basically guide into the Capitol building. Those are AP's, go over the wall. They had set-up the bike rack barriers they had taken down and used those for ladders. So, you had AP's helping people get over the wall right. So, I stopped got video of their faces, photographed them. Clear AP work, come this way, go up, come on there's still room, you can get in, come on, you need to come up, this is your job, this is your chance, you know stand up for your country. Waving huge Trump flags, they got the rebel flags out there. FALSE FLAG. That's why they call it false flag. Meanwhile, you've got Trump supporters going no there's Antifa here. Antifa start attacking the police and they're like that's not us, that's Antifa. You can see it on many videos.

Crossroads interviewer: At Epoch Times we have many videos showing Trump supporters stopping actions like that, stopping destruction and very clearly saying many many times, we don't do that, we don't break those things and so on.

Michael Yon: Correct. Yeah, the Trump supporters were trying to intervene. You can see when the initial attacks were going on Trump supporters trying to pull them back and then back from the front line on some of my other video. I haven't even looked at my own video yet. People right in front of me talking saying I don't agree with this, this is wrong, we shouldn't be here, there's Antifa all around us. You can hear Trump supporters jumping up many times going there's Antifa here, they're doing this, Antifa are making us look bad, be careful they're going to attack us. There's Antifa all over the place. They're dressed just like us we don't know who they are. But on the tactical level out there in front of the Capitol, that was the tactical CNN you might say was Antifa that day, leading them into the action breaking down doors. You can hear clearly Trump supporters saying, don't break anything, show respect, there must be thousands of videos. I obviously can't go through them all. But you can clearly see many Trump supporters saying, don't break anything, don't steal anything and that sort of thing. There you go.

I did not go inside the building I was outside the building watching the activities out there. I saw a lot of agent provacateur activity with Antifa using Hong Kong tactics, wearing the same sorts of masks that they wore in Hong Kong. As you know, I was in Hong Kong for approximately 7 months until they finally kicked me out. So I was in about 100 protests, in 100 of the big protests and many of the small ones. So I'm very familiar with their tactics, very familiar with their procedures and how they operate. We know that Antifa was actually in Hong Kong learning their tactics, the goggles, the same sort of 3M masks and that sort of thing.

Because this requires the kind of analysis that only Epoch is doing at this time. You in particular. Because there's probably thousands of videos to digest. But what we've seen so far and being physically present, Antifa clearly led the attack. That was utterly obvious. For instance, outside during part of the attack when there was much gas fired and I believe rubber bullets, I'm not sure about that, they were throwing flash bangs that's clear we were right there. There was a lady on a mega-phone saying, send up the masks, send up the masks. She said it over and over. It's on our video and others. That's a clear Hong Kong tactic that I've never seen in any other war in conflict. Which is Hong Konger's would constantly say, send up water, send up masks, send up shields. We saw shields, that's what they used in Hong Kong. That's what Antifa is constantly using. They show up with their homemade shields often or shields that they've stolen. So yeah, there was Antifa written all over this.

What we saw there at the Capitol was right out of the handbook, their playbook. In other words, show up wearing your enemies clothing, waving their flags and do things, basically false flags. That's why they call 'em false flags. They're bringing and waving the enemy flag which is Trump supports flag. They're waving Trump flags and doing violence. Now keep in mind there's different elements of Antifa. There's that element that would occupy the red house. That's not your A-team. What we saw in the Capitol building is your A-team. That's like your special forces Antifa. Those are the guys that come out for special actions. So that's your 1 PERCENT of Antifa. On the pie chart that I've shown you before, that I drew out for you on paper. That's your tiny sliver, that's your special forces of Antifa, that's what we saw at the Capitol building. They know exactly what they're doing. They're well trained. They're well organized. They show up with the gear that they need. They've got their statements ready to say, she's dead, that sort of thing. They come out and make great statements for the camera. Sound bites.

These guys are professionals. They come in and they harness the energy of a pre-existing movement or protest. So, in this case, let's say Trump supporters. I believe actual Trump supporters had a real rally. Trump called it himself. So, he gave the speech at the Ellipse in the morning. So, they (Antifa) basically hijacked your horse, right. So, they come in and in this case after the speech at the Ellipse, you had to walk pretty far over to the Capitol. So, people left the Ellipse to go to the next rally at the, of course went to the Ellipse to listen to Trump speak right, the next rally was at the Capitol building. So, as Trump supporters started to go to the Capitol building where we went next, that's when I started seeing AP's, they were like, this way, this way, keep coming forward.

ACAB is ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS. So when you see ACAB written usually in magic marker or painted, that's a clear Antifa sign. Trump supporters NEVER come up with ACAB. For instance, you never see Trump supporters with shields. Antifa constantly uses shields. Hong Konger's of course use a lot of shields because they were getting hit with rubber bullets.

Crossroads interviewer: Another thing we saw was individuals changing their clothes on the scene. I understand this is something, it's very odd behavior, it's something we've seen with some Antifa members. If you could tell us why they do that in some of the incidents we saw during the protests on January 6th where people were doing this as well.

Michael Yon: Right. They're just harder to track when they change clothes right. They can egress and ingress as well. They can go to the action in one set of clothes, do their superman change, and then egress after they change clothes. I didn't go inside the Capitol building. I saw the peoples video right. That's a common Hong Kong tactic. Bring a change of clothes in your backpack or to wear two clothes to begin with and just take one off right. Now one thing to always watch for with change of clothes, this is basic spycraft 101, is they rarely change shoes right. So the shoes will tend to be the same. You don't normally bring two pairs of shoes.

You've got a group there, you can harness their energy and use it to your ends. Come this way everybody, just wearing their clothes, waving their flags, this is where it's at, come over here, you know, go here we're going into this door right. It's too easy. Once people get riled up, they'll do it because we're humans and we will go with the herd and right through that door.

I am the most experienced living American combat correspondent. I've been doing this for years in many countries. As you know, Hong Kong. That's where we first met. And so, war is what I do not elections right. And I know what I'm doing when it comes to war. And I see the United States is now clearly going into civil war. It's unambiguous at this point.

So, what we saw there Antifa is helping to rile this up. CCP (China Communist Party) is neck deep in this. So, we are facing an information war of unprecedented scope. I've written three books on it. Unfortunately, they're all in Japanese because I've been working to wake up the Japanese up to this. They're also a target. The Japanese are facing the same information war. But in Japanese language, trying to rewrite textbooks for schools, taking hold of teachers unions, every technique and tactic that you see being used here is being used in Japan right. And it's being used to split Korea and Japan. It's being used in Korea as well. As you know I've spent years in Asia rolling around studying this thing. So, it's coming for us now. We have to make a united face, to face the enemy, the enemy is CCP (China Communist Party) and some others who are organic to the United States.
Antifa paramilitary pointed out the MAGA female to shoot. Antifa did that in Denver Antifa assassination of Trump supporter and the Portland Antifa assassination of Trump supporter and the Kenosha Antifa failed assassination attempt of a Trump supporter. (emphasis mine)


Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, during a rally to protect abortion access at the US Supreme Court on March 4, 2020. He and the crowd laughed. They thought it was funny.

UPDATE 1/13/21 at 9:54pm: Added info below. UPDATE 1/14/21 at 2:05pm: Added info below.

This Twitter account above @Cleavon_MD is an Antifa money shot person and has tons of evidence on this thread and on his Twitter page. As you can see in the picture he took above the guy is wearing a helmet that Antifa wear. He has pictures of the Antifa woman using the bullhorn to give directions to her Communist comrades. Antifa were there dressed as Trump supporters to frame President Trump and his supporters. Remember, this Antifa staged siege started 20 minutes BEFORE President Trump finished his speech in front of over 100,000 people who love America and our freedom. (emphasis mine)

BREAKING: John Solomon says DC police keeping interviews with key capitol security officials secret. What did Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnel know before, during, and after the Antifa staged siege of the Capitol that they blamed on President Trump and his supporters.  
A Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/13/21.
UPDATE 1/14/21 at 3:41pm: Added info below. UPDATE 1/14/21 at 7:10pm: Added info below. UPDATE 1/15/21 at 1:03am: Added info below.
The BLM Antifa Resistance Paramilitary Wing for the Communist funded Progressives plan exposed! BLM, Government Workers, Media Leaks, Breaking Windows. They had been planning it all along!

Leaked video exposes them!

UPDATE 1/15/21 at 4:44am: Added info below. UPDATE 1/15/21 at 11:20pm: Added info below.


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