January 27, 2021

USA: An Indianapolis Teen Whose Dad Had Just Yelled At Him For Leaving The House Without Permission Massacred Family, Killing Five Relatives In His Home Including An Unborn Child.


WRTV Indianapolis published January 25, 2021: Juvenile suspect arrested in Adams Street mass shooting that killed 5 people and unborn child. WRTV's Rafael Sanchez reported the suspect is a 17-year-old who has been arrested on initial charges of murder and intentional manslaughter with a handgun and attempted murder. 
WRTV Indianapolis published January 25, 2021: Deadly mass murder: 6 people dead after Indianapolis shooting. A community was in shock after after six people, including an unborn baby, were killed in a shooting early Sunday morning at a home on the east side of Indianapolis.

NY Post
written by Jesse O’Neill
Monday January 25, 2021

An Indianapolis teen whose dad had just yelled at him for leaving the house without permission turned a gun on his family, killing five relatives, according to authorities and reports Monday.

“He shot them!’’ the 17-year-old suspect’s sister screamed in the middle of Sunday’s 3:45 a.m. bloodbath, according to a police report obtained by the local Fox 59 affiliate.

The dead were identified as Kezzie Childs, 42, Raymond Childs Jr., 42, their 18-year-old son Elijah, 13-year-old daughter Rita, 19-year-old Kiara Hawkins, and her nearly full-term unborn child, “Baby Boy Hawkins,” according to police and local station WRTV.

The alleged killer, who has not been named by authorities because of his age, was arrested Monday after cops tracked him down to the suburb of Plainfield, Ind., officials said.

His younger brother was critically wounded in the bloodshed — but lived to tell authorities what happened, according to the police report cited by Fox.

The boy said his alleged murderous sibling was enraged over being reprimanded by their father for taking off without permission.

The younger brother said he was with his parents downstairs when they heard the first gunshots upstairs and his sister screamed, Fox said.

The sound of more bullets followed — then the killer “came down the stairs with a Draco gun, a handgun that shoots rifle rounds, and started shooting,’’ his brother allegedly told cops.

The younger sibling fled out the door, only for his brother to chase after him, firing at him, Fox said.

The suspect faces charges of intentional manslaughter with a handgun and attempted murder.

His victims were found riddled with gunshot wounds at the home and declared dead at the scene, authorities said.

“Yesterday, we promised swift justice for this heinous act. Today, we delivered on that promise,” Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Randal Taylor said in a tweet Monday.

“While removing the alleged perpetrator of yesterday’s mass murder from our neighborhoods does not bring back the lives senselessly lost, hopefully, it will bring us one step closer to healing as a community.’’

The crime left neighbors saddened and searching for answers.

“To take a whole family out like that … I just don’t understand,” Vicki Pinkston told WTHR. Pinkston, who lives across the street from the crime scene, said she recently dropped off a few baby items for the expectant mother.

“I had just given them some stuff from my great-grandson when he was born, but he is bigger now. The baby was due next month,” Pinkston said, according to the station.

Pinkston said the family was “so sweet.

“Oh Lord, they say, ‘Hi, Miss, Vicki’ all the time,” she told Fox.

The mass murder comes as Indianapolis reels from its most violent year on record.

Indiana’s largest city recorded 245 homicides in 2020, according to the Indianapolis Star.
“Homicide” is the term used when one person kills another person. Homicides fall into two different distinctions – manslaughter and murder.
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When dealing with the difference between “manslaughter” and “murder” it depends on the state of mind of the killer as well as the various degrees relating to murder.

Definition of Murder

In California murder is defined as killing somebody with “malice aforethought,” which is malice. The two types of malice is “express malice” and “implied malice.” Express malice is when a person intended to kill another person or persons. Implied malice is when a person intentionally commits an act they knew was dangerous to other people and human life resulting in death. In other words, the murder was committed with a conscious disregard for human life. If a crime involves expressed or implied malice its defined as “murder.” Murder is further classified into first degree and second degree. First degree murder is one that is willfully and deliberately committed with premeditation, meaning the person willfully decided to kill the other person. A second degree murder is when a person intentionally meant to kill another person but it was not planned or premeditated, such as in a “heat of passion” or the killing was the result of a person’s dangerous conduct involving a conscious disregard for human life.

Definition of Manslaughter

Manslaughter is also the unlawful killing of another person or persons, but without any malice but still involves a “conscious disregard for human life.” Manslaughter can be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is when the act of murder is committed in either the heat of passion or in the defense of yourself or others. Involuntary manslaughter is when a killing is unintentional and the result of recklessness or criminal negligence, such as an unlawful misdemeanor act or low-level felony such as a DUI. A “heat of passion” is defined as a killing resulting from a person being provoked, a rash act from intense emotion from being provoked, or the person was provoke in such a way that an average person would normally act rashly. Basically, a jury must decide the person was provoked to the point where he was acting under intense emotion instead of pre-meditated anger. If you have been arrested and accused of murder or manslaughter you need the expert advice of a criminal defense attorney such as Sevens Legal, APC. Contact Sevens Legal, APC, today for a free consultation.

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