January 28, 2021

USA: How The Day Went After WallStreetBets Reddit Investors Bought Undervalued Stocks That Vulture Hedge Funds Were Betting On Them Going Bankrupt. Robinhood Blocked Trading Stocks.

UPDATE 1/28/21 at 1:56pm: Added info below. UPDATE 1/28/21 at 2:11pm: Added info below. Yesterday and today's final tally. UPDATE 1/28/21 at 3:26pm: Added info below. UPDATE 1/28/21 at 6:37pm: Added info below.

Do you read that? Head of Robinhood said they plan to ALLOW LIMITED BUYS of the stocks their hedge funds buddies have shorted against the companies. So basically they're going to continue to manipulate these stock prices for their hedge fund buddies. The individual investors ARE INVESTING IN the companies stocks by pouring in much needed capital. They are not betting against the companies like the hedge fund managers. (emphasis mine) 

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