January 12, 2021

Pikachu Power! 💖 I'm BAAACK. 😊


I missed you SO MUCH...❤

Hi everybody! So sorry I was MIA and made you worry about me. I was working on projects in my home that I had been putting off while not listening to the lying news all coordinated repeating the same lies 24/7. It was really nice to take my focus off of the world for a bit. I would take a peak at my social media and chimed in every now and then. But I want you to know that all is well and I'm doing great. Life is good. 👍 Please check out the tweet message I have for you below.

BIG hugs for you all. 😊 Love you! 💖
UDPATE 1/12/20 at 2:46pm: Added info below. UPDATE 1/12/21 at 9:34pm: Added info below.

LOVE HER! Thank you for speaking out for American Patriots.  💖

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