December 12, 2020

USA: SEC Filings, Parent Company Of Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 MILLION In October From An Investment Bank In Switzerland That Is 75% OWNED By China Communist Government.

NTD News
written by Penny Zhou
Friday December 11, 2020

A Swiss bank that sent big money to Dominion voting systems’ parent company before the election has ties to China’s intelligence and military agencies, according to publicly-available financial records.

Georgia attorney Lin Wood sounded alarm bells over UBS Securities last week.

The New York-based subsidiary of Swiss bank UBS sent $400 million to Dominion’s parent company Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on Oct. 8, 2020.

The subsidiary is closely linked to UBS’s Beijing-based joint venture. There, current and former board members are tied to Chinese communist military and intelligence agencies. In New York, three out of four UBS board members are Chinese. Some board members serve the company in New York and Beijing at the same time.

Mu Lina was a board member with China TransInfo, a major surveillance camera producer in China. It provides big data and artificial intelligence to Chinese authorities. Its chairman is a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member.

Xu Zhe was president of an IT firm controlled by the Chinese regime that assisted the regime’s “smart city” initiative. Western experts view the initiative as a massive surveillance system.

According to the IT firm’s website, their partners include:
  • The People’s Liberation Army’s 61019 Unit
  • The People’s Liberation Army’s 61195 Unit Science and Technology Achievement Exchange Center
  • The CCP-controlled China Academy of Science
The Chinese regime owns 49 percent of the UBS in Beijing. In an unusual move, Beijing’s UBS changed 12 of 14 board members right after the U.S. 2020 election. NTD’s analysts believe UBS may be trying to cover up its ties to the regime. The company had never done any large-scale turnover until this time.

It’s not clear why UBS Securities sent 400 million dollars to Dominion Voting Systems’ parent company in October.
written by Staff
Saturday December 12, 2020

Ben Turner, the founder of FraudSpotters, a company that specializes in producing fraud detection software for insurance companies, said he recommends an audit of the Dominion voting machines after his review of the data.

Turner wrote that he was shocked by Sidney Powell’s claims that Dominion voting system switched votes from Biden to Trump. Turner said his goal was to disapprove Powell’s claims, but his analysis revealed troubling concerns.

In his analysis, Turner writes:
“Statistical analysis of past presidential races supports the view that in 2020, in counties where Dominion Machines were deployed, the voting outcomes were on average (nationwide) 1.5% higher for Joe Biden and 1.5% lower for Donald Trump after adjusting for other demographic and past voting preference.

For Dominion to have switched the election from Trump to Biden, it would have had to have increased Biden outcomes (with a corresponding reduction in Trump outcomes) by 0.3% in Georgia, 0.6% in Arizona, 2.1% in Wisconsin, and 2.5% in Nevada. The apparent average of 1.5% “Dominion Effect” is greater than the margin in Arizona and Georgia, and close to the margin for Wisconsin and Nevada. It is not hard to picture a scenario where the actual effect in Wisconsin and Nevada was greater than the national average and would have changed the current reported outcome in those two states.

Assuming the “Dominion Effect” is real, it is possible that an audit of these machines would overturn the election.

These results are scientifically valid and have a p-value of less than 1%, meaning the chances of this math occurring randomly are less than 1 in 100.”

Ben Turner, FraudSpotters
Tuner concludes his review by calling for an audit. He writes, “The best way to restore faith in the system is to audit the Dominion voting machines in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin.”

UPDATE 12/12/20 at 4:16pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/12/20 at 7:28pm: Added info below.

The New York-based subsidiary of Swiss bank UBS sent $400 million to Dominion’s parent company Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on Oct. 8, 2020.

UPDATE 12/12/20 at 11:39pm: Added info below. UPDATE 12/13/20 at 2:22am: Added info below.

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