December 11, 2020

USA: An Audit of DIGITALLY ADJUDICATED BALLOTS Would Easily Place Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Probably Michigan in the Trump Column. ADJUDICATION Is A Dominion Override Function.

The Gateway Pundit
written by Joe Hoft
Friday December 11, 2020

There may be enough ballots adjudicated illegally in this year’s election to move Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan to the Trump column. Enough states for Trump to win the election.

The process for curing and adjudicating ballots during an election takes some time. Individuals mailing in ballots with issues must be contacted and certain steps must take place. We noted this previously where our focus was on Georgia.


In a post on November 9th we wrote:
The deadline for receipt of absentee ballots in Georgia, per Georgia election law, is “no later than close of the polls on Election Day … Ballots received after the polls close cannot be counted,” this per the Georgia Secretary of State Election Division’s Absentee Voting A Guide for Registered Voters. This deadline was affirmed by an October 2 federal appeals court ruling, which stayed a lower court ruling from August 31, stemming from a lawsuit brought by leftist nonprofit the New Georgia Project (NGP), founded by Georgia Democrat activist and failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. NGP’s lawsuit prevailed in extending the Georgia mail-in ballot receipt deadline for three additional days. However, on appeal, brought by the state of Georgia, Georgia election law held firm, with the higher court decisively re-establishing the deadline in 2020 as November 3, at the close of the polls.

Ignoring Georgia law, “start[ing] on Nov. 4, 2020, 2 p.m. and end[ing] Nov. 6, 2020, 5 p.m. EST,” according to their PR, the Georgia Democratic Party began the deployment of trained teams of volunteer activist operatives – “Ballot Rescue Teams” – to do phone banking and also to travel Georgia’s counties, knocking on people’s front doors – only Democrats’ front doors, that is – and cheerfully offering to help “cure” or fix absentee and mail-in ballots which, allegedly, had problems and were, allegedly, not being counted by county registrars.
In a video we inserted in a later post we wrote:
In the video in the post above, Mr. Jones ADMITTED that they were doing ballot curing!

We believe Georgia election law only allows ballot curing if the voter gets a call or contact from a GA election official. The law doesn’t allow a Hillary Clinton operative to replace the election official’s position. We don’t believe Georgia election law allows ELECTRONIC curing of the ballot either, which is what the Democrat Ballot Curing Program did: they stated that the voter could email or text their ballot changes.
Thousands of ballots in Georgia were likely adjudicated electronically without underlying support to properly cure the ballot:
BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Thousands of Ballots in Georgia Were Likely ‘Cured’ Illegally, Ralph Jones Sr. Probably Knows Who Was Involved

Per the Populist Press – in an interview with Greg Kelly on Newsmax, Arizona Republican Chair Kelli Ward made the following statements about adjudicated ballots in that state:
There are over 1.9 million early ballots, absentee ballots. 28,000 of them are duplicated. Over 200,000 of them were digitally adjudicated. We haven’t been able to look at one ballot, not one that was digitally adjudicated.”

In Wisconsin before the election the Election Commission recommended an illegal remedy on absentee ballots as we pointed out:
In October Wisconsin’s Election Commission Recommended Illegal Remedy on Absentee Ballots – Thousands May Be Thrown Out
We also are aware of thousands of ballots reported in Dane County alone where ballots were handed in in pristine condition – how many of these required to be cured and how many were electronically adjudicated illegally?
BOOM: President Trump Is On Target In Wisconsin – Ballots Identified in Pristine Condition Similar to Fraudulent Ballots in Georgia and Michigan

In Michigan we also know of ballots coming in in pristine condition. How many of these were digitally adjudicated?
WHAT’S GOING ON? Truck Loads of Ballots Coming Out of New York Reported Yesterday – Tonight a Michigan Poll Worker Reports on Ballots Received in Sequential Order
The Democrats do not want Americans to uncover their illegal ballots. Looking into the adjudicated ballots will uncover massive fraud.


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