November 28, 2020

ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN: Senior Iranian Nuclear Scientist And High-Ranking Officer With The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) Was Killed By An Islamic Suicide Terror Attack Near Tehran.

written by AFP staff
Friday November 27, 2020

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, secretive scientist central to Iran's nuclear ambitions, said killed near capital.

A senior Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in the vicinity of Tehran on Friday, Iran's PressTV reported, citing "unofficial sources."

The report, which was subsequently confirmed by Iran's Defense Ministry, as cited by the AFP, identifies the deceased as Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a high-ranking officer with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) and professor of physics at the Imam Hussein University.

According to the available accounts, the scientist was killed in an attack near Damavand, to the east of Tehran, in what is described as a suicide attack, with a blast and gunshots heard in the area.

Fakhrizadeh is said to have been at the helm of the so-called Project Amad -- Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

According to the UN nuclear watchdog, the project was stopped in 2003, but Israeli officials have repeatedly warned that Iran is yet to give up on the idea of obtaining nukes.

The man known as the father of Iran's nuclear program is largely shrouded in mystery, with multiple efforts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to reach him for an interview thwarted by Tehran.

In 2013, he reportedly traveled to North Korea under a false identity to witness a test missile launch.

In April 2018, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed Fakhrizadeh's face to the world for the first time as part of a televised presentation based on troves of documents exfiltrated by the Mossad from a Tehran warehouse.

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