October 6, 2020

USA: BLM Inspired Activists Destroy Hispanic Child's Birthday Party

written by Adry Torres
Tuesday October 6, 2020

Two young women were filmed disrupting a three-year-old girl's birthday party, flipping tables tothe ground and tossing chairs outside a Houston apartment complex.

The disturbing incident unfolded after one of the women contacted the Houston Police Department to report a noise complaint Saturday approximately at 9:15pm.

One of the women can be seen in the video placing one of the tables on the apartment complex pavement before returning to another table to berate Soany Varela, the child's mother, who is six months pregnant.

The woman subsequently stood in front of the table and ordered everyone to 'move your stuff' and said 'I don't care about ya'll recording' as a man and a woman looked on while they remained seated.

She twice asked the partygoers 'are ya'll going to move ya'll s***' before she grabbed the table and carried it across the patio before tossing it to the ground. The second woman in the video picked up two chairs, flinging one of them towards a tree.

The original video of the incident, uploaded by Adrianna Moreno on her Instagram account, nani0723, drew over 135,000 views.

Houston Police Department Public Affairs spokesman John Cannon told DailyMail.com on Tuesday that Houston Police Westside will be looking into the case to determine if it will be issuing a citation to the women who were involved in the incident.

Cannon explained that the Harris County District Attorney's Office refused to press charges 'due to lack of evidence and not enough property damage to issue a Class B misdemeanor.'

In an interview with Univision 45, Varela, who is Hispanic, accused authorities of racism due to the lack of response that was given to her complaint after the women trashed the celebration for her daughter, Angely.

'It did hurt because it was something that I did for her with a lot of effort and what they did to me is fair,' Varela said. 'It's a form of racism on the part of the police. I also think that what she did was vandalism.'

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