October 21, 2020

USA: BLM Antifa Resistance Communist Paramilitary Wing For The Marxist Democrat Party Attack Trump Supporters At Different Freedom Rallies Big And Small Across America.

๐Ÿ‘‡ San Francisco, CA ๐Ÿ‘‡ 
written by Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell
Tuesday October 20, 2020

A Black Lives Matter activist has been arrested and charged with a hate crime-related assault after allegedly knocking a black conservative activist’s teeth out in an unprovoked attack at a free speech rally in San Francisco.

On Saturday, the San Francisco Police Department responded to a report of an assault near City Hall at a conservative-organized protest against Big Tech. Authorities met with “Team Save America” free speech organizer Philip Anderson. The black 25-year-old victim was punched in the face by a masked male assailant wearing tactical gloves who called him a racial slur. Philip lost two teeth and was left bloodied. Far-left protesters accused the rally of being fascist.

35-year-old Androa “Dro” Anderson, of Watsonville, Cal., was taken into custody in Oakland the day after the assault and transported to San Francisco County Jail where he was booked on charges of mayhem with a hate crime enhancement. He and Philip share the same surname but are not related. Androa’s bail is set at $110,000, according to the San Francisco Sheriff's Office.

Androa lists himself as an artist and graphic designer on his LinkedIn page. His personal social media posts show him frequenting BLM protests and pan-Africanism rallies in the Bay Area. His Instagram is filled with posts expressing an intense hatred of police.
Anderson taping himself committing burglary and arson of a presumed conservative’s private property

“Caught a #ThinBlueLine #MAGA Flagga LACKIN!” Androa captioned with a video showing him stealing a pro-police flag from a car with a “MAGA” sticker in late June. “You advocate for Police Genocide [sic], harassment, abuse, rape, and mass incarceration you a threat on my family's existence and humanity. #bluelivesmatter NO #BLUELIVESMURDER.” The video shows him lighting the stolen flag on fire.

“I hold no grudge against him. He’s been brainwashed,” says Philip. He says Antifa rioters physically blocked attendees from going to his rally on Saturday. The video recording shows masked protesters calling him the n-word and trying to tear down barricades. A GoFundMe for his medical costs has so far raised over $29,000.

Philip is most upset that his accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were terminated hours after the assault. “I’m the victim and I get banned? They erased my existence.” He says he plans to organize another protest against Big Tech.

Androa could not be reached for comment. According to newspaper Santa Cruz Sentinel, Androa was arrested in 2018 for allegedly running a drug sales operation while using a medicinal marijuana card. During the bust at Anderson’s residence, law enforcement seized loaded guns and almost $100,000 of suspected drug sales profits.

In addition to Philip, three police officers were hurt by counter protesters. The investigation into Saturday’s violence is being led by the SFPD Night Investigations Unit and Special Investigations Unit. SFPD asks anyone with information to call the 24-hour tip line at 1-415-575-4444 or text a tip to TIP411.

๐Ÿ‘‡ Washington, D.C. ๐Ÿ‘‡
The Post Millennial
written by Ian Miles
Saturday October 17, 2020

A female Trump supporter was allegedly attacked and hospitalized by Women’s March and Black Lives Matter activists after she participated in a pro-Trump rally on Saturday in Washington D.C.

Isabella Maria DeLuca, whose bio identifies her as a Turning Point USA ambassador, posted images of her injuries while recovering at a local hospital. NationalFile identified DeLuca as the Outreach Director for the pro-Trump organization Republicans for National Renewal.

While there was no footage of the attack, a Breitbart News reporter attending the event captured footage of DeLuca waving a Trump flag and shouting “four more years” earlier in the day.

In a statement provided to the publication, DeLuca alleges that she was assaulted by a “older female.”

“The first woman was a white older woman – she had glasses on, a glittery bedazzled Black Lives Matter shirt,” DeLuca said. “She looked like she could’ve been my grandma, honestly.”

According to DeLuca, the younger assailant grabbed DeLuca’s pro-Trump flag and when she tried to grab it back, the woman allegedly punched and choke her. DeLuca said that she felt reluctant to defend herself due to the advanced age of her attacker but was determined to retrieve the flag when it was snatched.

DeLuca told the publication that a younger female Black Lives Matter supporter assisted the older woman who had initially assaulted her by hitting, pushing, and punching DeLuca.

DeLuca was hospitalized following the attack and treated with a cervical collar due to her head and neck injuries. She told the publication that she was suffering from blurry vision and dizziness due to the impact.

Trump supporters turned out in Washington DC outside the Supreme Court today to show their support for Amy Coney Barrett. They were met by a large group of counter-protestors from the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter movements. 

 ๐Ÿ‘‡ Beverly Hills, CA ๐Ÿ‘‡
๐Ÿ‘‡ Douglas, MA ๐Ÿ‘‡
  WPRI News published October 20, 2020: 73 year-old man claims woman attacked him while holding "Veterans for Trump" sign. A woman accused of assaulting a 73 year-old holding a "Veterans for Trump" sign Saturday has her day in court.

Breitbart News
written by Amy Fur
Monday October 19, 2020

A woman was arrested Saturday for allegedly shoving a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran holding a Trump sign in Douglas, Massachusetts.

Police responded to a disturbance call at the intersection of Main and Webster streets just after noon and learned that a couple with pro-Trump signs and flags had been approached by 34-year-old Kiara Dudley (pictured), according to WHDH.

Officers said the suspect had berated the couple with insults and demanded they leave the area.

“As the couple moved away, the (woman) continued to follow them and bumped the gentleman with her body,” the officers wrote, according to the Telegram & Gazette.

“At one point the party stepped on the victim’s Veterans for Trump sign and as he bent to pick it up the party knocked the victim to the ground causing injury to his finger,” police continued.

Following the incident, the suspect was charged with assault and battery to an elderly person causing injury.

“Dudley was released on $250 cash bail and will be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court on Monday,” according to masslive.com.

In the suspect’s booking photo, she appeared to be wearing a sticker on her shirt promoting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the outlet said.

In September, a California man was arrested for allegedly attacking an elderly woman and several others at a pro-Trump rally in Aliso Viejo.

“He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face,” 84-year-old Donna Snow told CBS Los Angeles.

The blow also knocked her earrings off, Snow added.

“According to the sheriff’s office, Alvin Gary Shaw was taken into custody on suspicion of elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and assault and battery after allegedly attacking three people in attendance, ” the CBS report stated.

“Officials said Shaw was armed with a knife, which deputies said they found in a nearby bush, and was fighting with Trump supporters,” the article concluded.
๐Ÿ‘‡ Baltimore, MD ๐Ÿ‘‡
WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore published October 19, 2020: Kingsville Biden supporter shot at Trump supporters in pickup truck because they honked at him while passing by, police say. A politically charged encounter ended in gunfire over the weekend in Baltimore County, police said. County police said officers were called just before 2:30 p.m. Saturday to the 11000 block of Cedar Lane in Kingsville for a call of an assault.

CBS Los Angeles published September 17, 2020: Man Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Attendees Of Aliso Viejo Trump Rally A 33-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly attacking a number of people at a Wednesday night rally in Aliso Viejo in support of President Donald Trump. Suspect Arrested After 84-Year-Old Trump Supporter Beaten in Savage Daylight Attack. Another 74 yr old woman was taken away in an ambulance.

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