September 9, 2020

USA: FEMA Approved California For Two Additional Weeks Of Extra $300 Unemployment Benefit Payment. Making It 5 Weeks Total. This Is Executive Order President Trump Signed For Unemployment.

ABC10 News, Sacramento local
written by Josh Lyle
Tuesday September 8, 2020

CALIFORNIA, USA — Unemployed people in California will get a little extra help, as the state has been approved for two additional weeks of the extra $300 benefit payments.

California's Employment Development Department (EDD) started processing the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) payments on Monday, Sept. 7. As the first payments started going out, California Labor Secretary Julie A. Su announced the state received approval for two more weeks of the benefit boost.

The extension of the LWA payments means qualified people can now get up to five weeks of the additional $300 added to their unemployment benefits, or $1,500 total. Initially, EDD said it could only promise three weeks of the extra payments.
LWA payment phases

EDD started processing the first LWA payments on Monday. Those payments will go to people who have already met all the payment requirements.

EDD will automatically add the LWA payments to the benefits of people in phase one. Payments will be issued retroactively for weeks beginning July 26. EDD has said it will take a "couple of weeks" to get all the payments out.

A second group of people, who still need to certify they are unemployed due to COVID-19 related reasons, will start hearing from EDD after September 15.

EDD said it will send notifications to people in phase two by email, text message, or mail.

For people in the second phase, EDD recommends they log onto their UI Online account and complete the one-time self-attestation. Self-attestation by paper is also available.

Eligibility information

EDD has clarified some information about eligibility, specifically as it pertains to the $100 benefit requirement to receive the LWA payments.

EDD now states, “in order to qualify for LWA payments, claimants must meet these federal requirements:

  • Have a minimum weekly benefit award of $100 or more on their initial claim and received a payment on that claim between July 26 and August 15. This means an individual may have received less than $100 a week in benefits during that time due to reporting some work income, but would still qualify for the extra LWA payment.
  • Have self-attested to EDD that they are unemployed or partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.”
CLICK HERE to track every state's implementation of the FEMA LWA President Trump's executive order providing up to $400 per week additional unemployment benefits. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding up the second Covid19 economic relief bill because she is insisting President Trump agrees to financially bailout the Democrat-run states and cities that were already financially underwater before the pandemic. Speaker Pelosi is demanding Democrat-run states and cities receive 3 year bailouts and refuses to get urgent financial aid to Americans forced to not work because those same Democrat-run states and cities said their work was not an essential business. Speaker Pelosi only cares about her buddies in charge of poorly run states and cities NOT YOU who is unemployed.

I want to point out South Dakota decline because this state never shutdown, allowed hydroxychloroquin lifesaving drug to be used to cure South Dakotans infected with Covid19 and has reported 173 deaths related to Covid19 since first outbreak. South Dakota is reporting that the state has recovered 80% of their job loss. So, because South Dakota declined to receive the additional $300, FEMA is using the money allocated for South Dakota to pay other states extra weeks. This is why California is now receiving 5 weeks of President Trump's additional $300 in unemployment benefit instead of the original 3 weeks. 5 weeks times $300 comes out to $1,500. (emphasis mine)

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