September 16, 2020

USA: Democrat Mayors In The US Formed Coalitions Against The Federal Government. Speaker Pelosi Screwing Unemployed Americans Denying Economic Relief To Force Trump To Give Them BILLIONS.
written by Alana Wise
July 27, 2020
The Marxist Democrats want your cities to be burned down by the BLM Antifa Resistance paramilitary wing for the Marxist Democrat party. They want your businesses looted and burned down. They're allowing you to be terrorized. (emphasis mine)
A group of six U.S. mayors on Monday penned a letter to Congress asking that it pass legislation to block the Trump administration from deploying federal law enforcement to cities without their officials' consent.

The mayors of Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Albuquerque, N.M., Washington, D.C., and Kansas City, Mo., signed on to the letter that criticized the administration for sending "unidentified federal agents to operate with impunity" in cities where demonstrations against police brutality and racism continue.

"Over the last several weeks, Americans have responded to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others by protesting the structural racism embedded in our country. We are encouraged that so many of our residents are exercising their First Amendment rights to stand up against these injustices. At the same time, we are outraged that the administration has responded to these First Amendment-protected gatherings by authorizing the deployment of riot-gear clad forces to Washington, D.C., Portland, Seattle and other communities across the country without the consent of local authorities," the group wrote.

"This administration's egregious use of federal force on cities over the objections of local authorities should never happen."

President Trump in recent weeks has made extinguishing the anti-racism and police brutality protests a top priority as Americans' views on his ability to manage ongoing social and public health issues slip, according to recent opinion polls.

Citing an interest in protecting public property, which in some instances has been damaged, including instances of protesters tearing down Confederate monuments, Trump has vowed to continue deploying federal law enforcement agents to cities where he says progressive leadership has failed.

Critics said this move is an example of federal overreach and that the agents only worsen the likelihood of violent interactions between police and protesters.

In Portland particularly, officers in military gear have grabbed protesters off the street and thrown them into unmarked vehicles to take them away for questioning.

Last week, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who signed the Monday letter, called the federal agents' presence an "unconstitutional occupation." Federal officers later tear gassed him and others in a crowd.

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I went to their website to look around. Clicked on their Press & Media section and these two articles they've shared caught my attention. The one I've shared with you above and below.

๐Ÿ‘‰Aug 4, 2020: USA Today: Dayton mayor on one-year anniversary of mass shooting: Why haven't we done something? ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

What the Marxist Democrats never mentioned the Ohio mass shooter's mother was full blown Antifa Resistance member. The shooter himself was a self described Satanist. These are their Marxist American hating paramilitary that the Dayton, Ohio Mayor is questioning why haven't we done something? (emphasis mine)
BUT BUT the NRA is evil they say. ๐Ÿ˜’ (emphasis mine)
written by Jake Williams,
March 13, 2018

Above Photo: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Austin Mayor Steve Adler & Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announce they won’t work with vendors who do not honor net neutrality at SXSW 2018. (Miguel Gamino/New York City Chief Technology Officer)

A group of city and county leaders are encouraging others from around the country to join their “name and shame” campaign.

Mayors of New York City, Austin, and Portland announced a new commitment Sunday to only work with vendors that honor net neutrality principles.

“We will not do business with any vendor that does not honor net neutrality,” Bill de Blasio, New York City’s mayor, said Sunday on a panel at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive in Austin. “We need to name and shame any company that doesn’t honor net neutrality.”

During the panel discussion, de Blasio announced — a website where residents can encourage their own mayors sign up in support of net neutrality principles like those enforced by federal regulators during the Obama administration. As of publication time, 11 city mayors have signed on as “net neutrality cities.” Santa Cruz County, California, has also signed on in support.

They are:
  • Bill de Blasio, New York
  • Steve Adler, Austin
  • Ted Wheeler, Portland, Oregon
  • Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio, Texas
  • Sly James, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Mark Farrell, San Francisco
  • Catherine Pugh, Baltimore
  • Barney Seney, Putnam, Connecticut
  • Paul Soglin, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Sam Liccardo, San Jose, California
  • Jacob Frey, Minneapolis
  • Zach Friend, Santa Cruz County, California Board of Supervisors Chair
On the panel at SXSW, de Blasio, Adler and Wheeler “called on all other U.S. mayors to join them in a Cities Open Internet Pledge, which requires all internet providers with whom they do business to follow a strong set of Net Neutrality principles,” according to the initiative’s website.

“We’re going to use our power to monitor in a very public manner which companies respect net neutrality and which ones may be violating it,” de Blasio said. “If they’re violating, we’re going to use our bully pulpit to get this out.”

Adler, who also signed onto the pledge on behalf of Austin, said cities need to take advantage of the innovative spirit of events like SXSW to pressure government and industry to safeguard consumer protections like net neutrality.

“In a place like ‘South by,’ you have to believe in the iterative problem solving process,” Adler said. “If this is not the best way to deal with this, they will come, and there will be other answers.”

De Blasio, Wheeler and Adler all acknowledged that their approach may involve lawsuits from the federal government, but the mayors remained committed to the idea — and open to solutions like municipally-supported internet networks to maintain net neutrality.

“Our first strategy has to be to fight for the internet that already exists, and if it fails, then we can go to whatever plan B is,” Wheeler said.

The news of the mayors’ support of net neutrality comes weeks after dozens of mayors signed on to support a congressional review of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision under President Donald Trump to repeal the Obama-era rules.

Because Hawaii Marxist Democrat Congresswoman Mazie Hirono said, "How many of us even think that defunding police departments should be taken literally? I certainly don't." She said Oakland Officer Patrick Underwood was killed by a Right-wing extremist. WRONG. Oakland Police Officer Underwood was killed by the Boogaloo Bois who are extreme Left-wing. Just last week two ‘Boogaloo Bois’ were charged by the FBI for ‘conspiring with HAMAS’ in alleged plot to overthrow US government. Hamas are Islamic militants who are labeled terrorists worldwide. Missouri Police Officer David Dorn was killed by BLM rioters. (emphasis mine)

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