September 2, 2020

USA: An Alabama Man Was Shot 8 Times And Killed For Apparently Walking Too Slowly Taking Too Long To Cross The Street. But But... Police Have Killed 9 Unarmed Black People Last Year Is The BLM Issue.

The Epoch Times
written by Jack Phillips
Sunday August 30, 2020

An Alabama man was shot and killed for apparently walking too slowly, said police.

Union Springs Police Chief Danny Jackson told WSFA-12 that Johnarian Travez Allen was shot eight times on Thursday in Union Springs. The suspect, Jeremiah Wesley Penn, told police that he shot Allen because he was taking too long to cross the street.

Jackson said Penn is now being held in the Bullock County Jail on murder charges.

According to officials, Penn went to a store to purchase food, but when he stopped to allow Allen to cross the street, he felt that Allen was taking too long.

Jackson said Allen was walking near a gas station when Penn pulled up in his car. Penn then got out of the car and began arguing with Allen before shooting him eight times.

Police said Penn later turned himself into the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office and confessed to the murder, ABC3340 reported.

Allen was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.

When police arrived at the gas station, Penn already fled the scene.

Union Springs is located about 45 miles outside of Montgomery, the state capital.

In a statement, the Union Springs Police Department said the slaying occurred near Underwood Avenue and Baskin Street around 7:00 p.m.

Other details about the incident were not immediately provided by police.

PragerU published July 15, 2020: Are Police Targeting Unarmed Blacks? If you didn't know any better, the media's narrative would have you believe that police are brutalizing unarmed black men by the thousands across the country. But is that really the case? Will Witt went to Venice Beach to find out what these young men.

A Harvard Study concluded that last year 16 unarmed White men were killed by police and 9 UNARMED Black men were killed by police.
UPDATE 9/3/20 at 12:51am: Added info below.
UPDATE 9/3/20 at 9:52pm: Added info below.
UPDATE 9/6/20 at 1:08pm: Added info below.

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