July 8, 2020

USA: Great Twitter Thread About Atlanta Police Dept And Their Efforts Trying To Improve Community Relations Over The Past Decade.


11Alive published July 1, 2020: Bodycam video shows Atlanta Police officer borrowing cyclist's bike to catch up with murder suspect. APD said during a foot chase, one of the officers was able to borrow a bicycle from a passing cyclist in an attempt to catch up to the suspect.

๐Ÿ‘‡ Spelman and Morehouse college students ๐Ÿ‘‡

This is what you are teaching our youth to NOT OBEY OUR LAWS and NOT OBEY OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT. As you can see in this police bodycam footage, as the officer approached their vehicle police tells driver to step out and the Spelman student drives off. If a police officer tells you to sit down you sit down. They are OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT. These students RESISTED ARREST and then act like victims of police brutality. 9 out of 10 times you put yourself in these situations and then claim to be victims. Americans need to teach their children that these students are not role models as to how to react when approached by a police officer. The news only shows the public the video of the students being tasered and pulled out of the car. The news and the Mayor don't care about what led up to this moment. I've actually watched many news outlets interviewing these two college students and portraying them as innocent bystanders that were victims of police brutality for not doing anything wrong. (emphasis mine)

PoliceActivity published June 1, 2020: Bodycam Footage From Fired Atlanta Officers After Arrest Of College Students

Friends identified the two as 20-year-old Spelman College student Teniyah PilgrIm and 22-year-old Messiah Young, a graduate of Morehouse College. Pilgrim was detained and later released at the scene without charges. Young was taken to Grady hospital and released Sunday morning. He was initially charged with fleeing the scene and driving with an expired license, but the mayor later ordered those charges to be dropped.

UPDATE 7/8/20 at 6:58pm: Added info below.

WSAV3 published May 31, 2020: Protests continue in Atlanta, mayor pleads for peace.
These are NOT PROTESTS. These are RIOTS otherwise known as UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY. Americans have the first amendment right to PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE to publicly vent our grievances whereas NOT TO INTERFERE with others lives. (emphasis mine)

Fox News published June 15, 2020: Hannity: More unrest in Atlanta (GRAPHIC VIDEO). What would have been a simple DUI and misdemeanor charge results in a fatal officer-involved shooting
UPDATE 7/8/20 at 8:44pm: Added info below.

Fox News
written by Yael Halon
Tuesday June 9, 2020

The attorney for two Atlanta police officers who are suing the city's mayor and police chief after they were fired for using stun guns on a pair of college students during a protest told "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday that the body camera footage of the incident was "edited multiple times."

"What has been edited out is the probable cause for the arrest," Lance LoRusso said.

"The officers told the driver to move his vehicle ... he refused," the lawyer added. "They open the door and he drives away violently, almost pulling one of the officers off their feet."

The footage shows former investigators Mark Gardner and Ivory Streeter pulling two college students from a car and using stun guns on them. LoRusso said the video was revised to create "this narrative that the officers just surrounded this car in traffic and started breaking out the windows, and that is not true."

The officers claim that they were fired in violation of the city's code, without investigation, proper notice, or a pre-disciplinary hearing.

"Nobody ever interviewed my clients, who have a total of close to 40 years of law enforcement experience," LoRusso said. "One of them was a task force agent with the FBI for 10 years, one of them was a task force agent with the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] ... maybe after all this training they know what they're doing and maybe you should ask them why."

When asked by Ingraham whether he thought the firings could have something to do with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' standing as a potential running mate for Democrat Joe Biden, LoRusso answered, "I'm sure it comes into play."

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