July 11, 2020

USA: ANOTHER FAKE HATE CRIME. A Rumor Of A White Supremacist Killing Of A Black Portland Man Spread Like Wildfire On Social Media Among Antifa, BLM, And Celebrities. The Shooter Is Black.🤦‍♀️

The Post Millenial
written by Andy Ngo and Collin Jones
Saturday July 11, 2020

Antifa and supporters of Black Lives Matter copy-and-pasted a falsehood on social media about a shooting that took in place in Portland, Oregon on Friday night. They claimed that the shooter, who is black, is a white supremacist.

Jordan Christopher Clark, 25, was arrested on Friday and charged with a single count of second-degree murder in relation to a shooting outside Reveal Lounge, a strip club in Portland.

On social media, Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists promoted and amplified baseless allegations about the suspect's identity and political affiliation. Clark who allegedly shot a black male outside a Portland strip club, was claimed to be motivated by "white supremacy."

The fact that Clark is not white has been left out of the social media posts that assert without evidence that the shooting was racially motivated.

As detailed by The Post Millennial's Andy Ngo, Clark's Facebook profile features Martin Luther King Jr. and anti-police content.
While the investigation into the shooting remains ongoing, pro-BLM Twitter user "@idancelikethis" said she lives by Reveal Lounge and has contacts at the club who told her it was a "coke deal gone bad."

"[The shooting] happened at a strip club, Reveal; a coke deal gone bad. Not a racist crime imo since a girl at the club was fired for being involved," she says. "I [live] by the bar and my friends work there. Drug deal gone bad. Deal. Black Lives Matter."
Reveal Lounge owner Javier Garcia examined his security footage and told OPB that the men appeared to know each other and were friendly.

Garcia said: “They were shaking hands and all of that. A video showed they were kind of hugging and shaking hands. They knew each other for sure.”

The club has been reached for comment.

The white racism allegation is further being called into question by those who know the shooting suspect. Sarah Dodge, a Portland-area woman and friend of Clark, wrote on Twitter:

"First of all, the man was not white. HE IS BLACK. His name is Jordan. I've known and been friends with him since I was 5. That's 20 years. And the victim shot first, and Jordan was defending himself. This was NOT A RACIST ATTACK."
The Post Millennial reached out to Dodge but she declined to comment further.

Although the police had not confirmed the identity of the man who was fatally shot, a number of social media accounts posted virtually the same thing, stating that a man named Dominique Dunn was the victim in the shooting, and that it was motivated by racism. Many claimed to be related to him by blood, but provided no evidence to the assertions.

On Instagram, actor D.L. Hughley shared the racism allegation to 1.8 million of his followers. He reposted a post allegedly from Dunn's relative.

"This is not ok! This happened last night in Portland, OR... I'm so hurt right now. This is my cousin Dominque he was killed last night for being Black... According to Oregon police report he was out with friends when a white man approached them and called them n***ers. He ignored the man and continued on his way. The man ran to his car grabbed his gun and shot 5 times. Dominque was hit in the chest by the 2nd bullet. My cousin is dead. He didn't deserve this..."
Facebook user Paula Byrd posted to Facebook the very same message.
Shaun King also spread the lie by reposting Paula Byrd's Facebook post alongside a photo of someone who is apparently Dominique Dunn.

The allegations of the racist shooting spread like wildfire on social media, leading antifa militants to stage a violent protest in downtown Portland on Friday night and Saturday morning in honor of Dunn. A large banner displayed by masked militants outside the Justice Center declares, "Rest in Power Dominique Dunn" next to anarchist symbols.

Gregory McKelvey, a Portland antifa and BLM activist, shared the claim in a viral Twitter post. He is the campaign manager for Sarah Iannarone, who is facing-off current Portland mayor Ted Wheeler in the upcoming election.

McKelvey tweeted: "Yesterday Dominique Dunn was murdered by a white man in Portland in a racist attack. He was called racial slurs and then murdered while walking away. These attacks are not rare in Portland and continue to expose white suppremacy (sic). The family is asking for prayers."

McKelvey, an anti-police activist, has been arrested several times in different cities in Oregon, including a 2011 arrest for the alleged kidnapping and strangling of an underage girl.

Portland Police released a statement refuting the rumors that the homicide was racially motivated:

"PPB is aware of mis-information that is circulating about this case. Detectives interviewed multiple witnesses to this crime and there is no information at this time to support race was a factor that played a role in this case."

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