June 27, 2020

USA: Iconic Calvin Klein Brand Features Its First Obese Black 'Transgender Woman Lesbian' Model For Pride Month. Apparently They Wanted To Check Every Single Intersectional Box With One Ad.

The Post Millennial
written by Collin Jones
Saturday June 27, 2020

Jones, who is widely lauded as making history, rose to prominence over every other in Calvin Klein's campaign after posting a viral video reacting to the giant billboard in New York City, according to the Daily Wire.

“Calvin Klein has made history by including their first Black transqueer model as part of this year’s Pride campaign,” Upworthy published Thursday.

“Jari Jones, an actress, model, and activist, is one of the many members who has joined the brand for this campaign. In a now-viral video, the model can be seen celebrating the incredible moment she sees herself on a huge billboard with her friends. Her joy speaks volumes about the importance of inclusivity.”

Jones posted a video celebrating the billboard on Tuesday.

“There are moments that I heard about, that help you forget when the world told you ‘Never,'” the activist said on Instagram video.

“There are these moments I heard about about that help you heal when the society has tried to beat you down , over and over again. There are these very real moments that I heard about that help you feel affirmed even when you don’t see yourself.”

“I’ve been searching my whole life for those moments, I got tired of looking for those moments,” Jones continued. “So I decided to create them. Not for me but for the next dreamer, outcast, queer, trans, disabled, fat, beautiful black, piece of starlight waiting for their moment to shine.”

“It has been such an honor and pleasure to sit in my most authentic self and present imagery of a body that far to often has been demonized, harassed , made to feel ugly and unworthy and even killed,” the model said.

“I present this image ,myself and all that my body stands for to my community and chosen family, in hope that they see themselves more clearly than ever and further realize that they are worthy of celebration , of compassion , of love and gratitude. … BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER!!”

Jones told Refinery29 that young people should "enjoy the exploration" and "know that heterosexuality isn't the hierarchy."

“Being something other than what society deems as ‘regular’ is just as good, maybe even better,” the activist wrote in an email to the outlet.

Jones went on to talk about the "ugly" side of being famous.

“It comes with showing the world that Black folks, that Trans folks, that Fat folks can be celebrated and loved and empowered publicly,” the model wrote on Instagram.

“I’m practicing self love everyday , I’m practicing boundaries everyday , I’m practicing balance everyday to armor myself for this fight but I know it’s gonna be a tough road ahead but like my queer trans ancestors [believed], the people and the community and the youth I’m doing all this for ….are worth the mental a** kicking!!!!!”
One last thing... it's always about "trans" feelings getting hurt. Well, what about my emotional state as a Lesbian being violated for being forced to accept a man who says he's a Lesbian? I could get charged with a hate crime for rejecting a "transgender woman" who mislead me to believe she is a Lesbian. That's how crazy things are right now.

Let me make things clear for you, Lesbians being FORCED to have sexual intercourse with men who identify as women is rape.

The crime of rape generally refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse that is committed by physical force, threat of injury, or other duress.

UPDATE 6/29/20 at 10:28pm: Added info below.

UPDATE 7/1/20 at 12:50am: Added info below.

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