May 14, 2020

USA: More Than 60% Of Covid19 Deaths In America Happened In Nursing Homes Because Democrat Governors FORCED Facilities To Take In Patients INFECTED WITH COVID19.

by Jonathan Decker
latest update May 12, 2020

It is increasingly clear that it’s our oldest and most vulnerable population that should be protected. But the same governors who are imposing the most draconian lockdowns on the young and healthy are failing badly at protecting the most at-risk population.

We’re tallying the counts here:

If you notice several states are NOT REPORTING covid deaths in nursing homes.

KTLA5 News published May 14, 2020: Watch live: L.A. County officials are providing updates on COVID-19.

Please listen for yourself. But I have typed a snipit starting at 14:44 minutes into video.

Los Angeles Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said: I am sad to report that 865 people who were living in institutional settings have died from Covid19. This now represents 51% of all of our deaths. The vast majority of the people who passed away in institutional settings did reside in our nursing facilities. And I'm sad to report, that this is the first day that we had to note that more than half of all the people who have died from Covid19 in LA County were residing in institutional settings.

If you can't watch the KTLA YouTube upload, please CLICK HERE to watch on County of Los Angeles Facebook page daily video upload.

Michigan Rising published May 12, 2020: Governor Whitmer and Dr. Khaldun Dodge Nursing Home Policy Improvement Question.

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