May 13, 2020

USA: 3 Minnesota Black Teenagers Taken Into Custody In Alleged Assault On Asian American Woman. Video Show Them Taunt The Woman Before One Of Them Kicked Her In The Face.

NBC News
written by Julian Shen-Berro
Friday May 8, 2020

Three teenagers were taken into custody Wednesday after an Asian American woman was allegedly taunted and kicked at a Minnesota railway station just after midnight Monday, officials confirmed to NBC News.

The alleged incident occurred in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and was captured on a video later posted to social media. The video appeared to show the teenagers, who first taunted the woman before one of them kicked her in the face. They then appeared to flee the railway station.

No trains were running at the time, and the Metro Transit Police Department has not yet confirmed why the individuals were at the station.

Using the video, as well as several security cameras at railway stations, investigators were able to determine the station at which the alleged assault occurred and identify the three suspects, two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old, Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla said in an email.

The department will present the case to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, which will determine any charges, Padilla said. He was unable to comment on whether the alleged assault was racially motivated.

The incident comes on the heels of a string of assaults and reported hostilities directed toward Asian Americans in recent months, as some have blamed them for the spreading coronavirus. On Sunday, a New York City man attempted to forcibly remove an Asian nurse from a subway car, saying "Hey Chinaman, you're infected," before threatening physical harm.

In a span of just four weeks beginning near the end of March, the STOP AAPI HATE reporting center said it received nearly 1,500 reports of hostility toward Asian Americans as a result of the virus.

Padilla was unable to comment on whether the victim sustained any injuries or needed medical attention.

KSTP5 News, Minnesota local
December 19, 2019

The suspect was seen on video as he grabbed Lor's purse, then punched, slammed and dragged her with the stolen getaway car for 75 yards through the parking lot. With the help of her nephew to translate, Lor said, "all I know is if I hold onto it longer the car could possibly run me over or I could possibly be injured elsewhere so I let go."

Through tears, Lor said the muggers made off with her purse and all of the cash she'd saved for Christmas gifts.

"We've had more than 20 cases that similar to the ones last Sunday," said St. Paul Police Spokesman Steve Linders.

Authorities put together a list of other purse snatchings with scary similarities: the crooks, driving stolen cars, target unsuspecting women, who are alone, outside of various retail stores through St. Paul since Nov. 20th.

"The suspects have hit them, using fists and have threatened to shoot them, they've certainly intimated they had a gun on them," replied Linders.

Police said it is believed the suspects are between the ages of 15 and 30, and use hats or sweatshirt hoods to conceal their identities.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the St. Paul Police Department at 651-266-5650.
Mug shots are not being released.

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