April 29, 2020

USA: Grieving Woman From Harlem Slams NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio After Relative’s DEAD BODY Left At Home For Hours. NY Mayor Appoints His Wife To ‘Task Force On Racial Inclusion And Equity’

New York Post
written by Sara Dorn
Saturday April 18, 2020

A grieving Harlem food truck owner was forced to ice her husband’s corpse Saturday as she searched for someone to retrieve his body, several hours after he died from suspected coronavirus.

Tami Treadwell, 57, slammed the city after Gregory Anthony Treadwell’s remains were left in the home by emergency responders, with the city medical examiner’s office telling her it could take “three hours to three days” to pick them up.

“This is our city, and we’re being treated like s–t!” wailed Treadwell, owner of Harlem Seafood Soul.

“It’s grossly inhumane. I say shame on you Mayor de Blasio … you got to designate somebody to come get these bodies out of here, people who died at home. How dare you make us have to deal with that and to live with the body for days? How dare you, Mayor de Blasio? And you can’t blame that s–t on Trump. You can’t blame that s–t on Cuomo!” Treadwell cried.

Morgues and funeral homes have been overwhelmed by demand as the city’s coronavirus death toll mounts.

“We are still here. His body is still here. We have had to put ice on him, and we don’t know what to do,” she told The Post around noon Saturday.

The family called more than 20 funeral homes before Nesbitt in Englewood, New Jersey agreed to take the body around 2 p.m.

Gregory Treadwell, 62, was a hard-working tractor-trailer driver for Nathel & Nathel produce delivery company, and a father of four kids ranging in age from 9 to 37, Treadwell said.

“He had a cold for five days. He came home yesterday with a temperature. We talked to the doctor, and the doctor said don’t go to the hospital. Stay home,” his wife said. “He has been working this whole time delivering things. He didn’t even want to stay home, because they need him so much at work.”

Treadwell, known as the “seafood queen of Harlem,” was filmed hysterically retelling the ordeal from the sidewalk early Saturday.

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened,” she said, crying.

She saw Gregory alive with her daughter Tamouri — whose name is a combination of Gregory’s and Tami’s — just hours before his death.

“We gave him hot tea, hot everything,” Treadwell cried. “I just left him at 7 p.m. I heard his voice. He said he was fine.”

The NYPD was called to the 149th Street apartment around 4:30 a.m. on a report of shots fired, police said. When cops arrived, they found an unresponsive man inside, but no gunshot wounds. EMS workers were called to the scene and performed CPR.

The family denied anyone reported shots being fired.
written by Bill Donohue
Tuesday October 1, 2013

He may be the next mayor of the city of New York. Only recently have we learned who Bill de Blasio is (no one really cared much about him when he was the city's public advocate, an undefined made-out-of-whole-cloth job). Now that we have learned some important matters about his life, we are left with even more questions.

We know that his early political career was Marxist, and not just in an academic sense. He raised money for the Sandinistas, visited Nicaragua to align himself with the tyrants, and worked to undermine the efforts of the Reagan administration. No wonder he was endorsed by George Soros in August. Curiously, he decided to cover up his radical past: There is no mention of his extremist associations on his website.
For those of you who don't know from BrownEdu: The Sandinistas were heavily influenced by Marixst-Leninist teachings, as the party leaders themselves sometimes admitted, but they interpreted these ideas in the context of their view of Nicaragua's history. Specifically, they thought of themselves as a Leninist vanguard party, a group of “professional revolutionaries” that would unite the Nicaraguan workers and peasants to destroy the “present system of capitalist exploitation and oppression” run by the Somoza dynasty and supported by the United States. After they had rid Nicaragua of those who were resistant to change, the FSLN would lead Nicaragua toward socialism, at least in a broad sense; as Gilbert notes, the Sandinistas did not all agree on what socialism actually meant.

The Sandinistas also maintained ties with the Soviet Union. According to Kagan, “By March of 1980, the Sandinistas had already signed a party-to-party agreement with the Soviet Communist Party, as well as secret military protocols to begin receiving arms from the Soviet bloc. Deliveries of Soviet weapons from Cuba began almost immediately thereafter.” Draper writes that the Sandinistas signed “economic, technical, scientific, and cultural agreements with the Soviet Union.” In 1982, the Soviets increased their financial and military support to the FSLN, and again in 1983 after the arrival of General Ochoa, when it provided tanks, transport trucks, helicopters, and other materiel. However, in 1984, while the Soviet Union was still giving a large amount of military aid, Soviet economic performance was on the decline, and the Soviets feared that they were losing the Cold War against the United States due to key strategic victories secured by the latter. The Sandinistas thus became worried that, in the future, Soviet support would decline. Despite robust aid during 1985, the Sandinistas believed that Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was less willing to support foreign revolutionary movements than previous Soviet leaders had been and that Soviet wishes to improve ties with the United States would hamper Soviet support. Sandinistas were heavily dependent on Soviet aid and oil; as Kagan notes, “The vital importance of close relations with the Soviet Union had been one of the few constants in Sandinista theory and policy since their earliest pre-revolutionary days.”
The cover-up is not an anomaly. Quite frankly, Bill de Blasio has a problem with the truth. He was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. in 1961. When he graduated from New York University in 1983 (where he was heavily involved in leftist causes), he changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. In 2002, he changed his name again, settling on Bill de Blasio. The only reason we know this is because the media put the spotlight on him, forcing the issue.

Most of de Blasio's Democratic contenders accused him of lying during the primary. For example, he boasted that if elected he would vote against a ban on racial profiling, never mentioning, as rival Christine Quinn said, that it is already illegal. He said he was the only person in the race who was pushing for a new police commissioner and an inspector general. False, said candidate John Liu — he held the same positions. Another competitor, Bill Thompson, accused de Blasio of lying about his stance on stop-and-frisk.

De Blasio's character was impugned again when it was learned that he accepted over $50,000 from a group of slumlords. What made this so outrageous was de Blasio's past denunciations of these same men while serving as public advocate.

Just recently, when The New York Times confronted de Blasio about his love for "democratic socialism," expressed in 1990, he said, "[T]hat's not a quote from me; that's someone's notes." But in fact those were his words. When the Times told him it has the proof, he brazenly said, "It doesn't matter."

The lying is not confined to politics. De Blasio lied to his own children about where he and his wife honeymooned: he said they went to Canada, when in fact they went to Cuba. It is hardly surprising that a fan of the Sandinistas would want to break bread with Castro's Cuba, but to lie to his children about his illegal trip speaks volumes about his character. By the way, his kids just found out during the primary campaign that they were lied to.

Catholics should be especially wary of de Blasio. In November 2000, he took over as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton; she was running for the U.S. Senate seat in New York. The month before, the Brooklyn Museum of Art hosted a vile anti-Catholic exhibit that featured elephant dung smeared on a portrait of the Virgin Mary; pornographic pictures also adorned the "art."

Her rival, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (he would later drop out for health reasons), stood with the Catholic League; he even pledged to pull public funding to the museum (Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, who worked for Giuliani, also took this position). Clinton sided with the museum, endearing herself to the artistic community. In fact, it took her quite a while before she even said anything negative about the exhibit. Not unexpectedly, de Blasio went along.

In 2000, de Blasio was asked on TV about Hillary Clinton's position on whether the Holy See should be given a seat at the U.N. "I actually don't know, to be honest with you on what her position is," he said. Yet he knew exactly what her position was on virtually every other issue, and could have at least spoken out against radical pro-abortion forces who were making anti-Catholic remarks at the time.

In 2010, I petitioned officials at the Empire State Building to have the towers lighted in blue and white in commemoration of Mother Teresa's centenary. The owner, Anthony Malkin, denied the request, saying they had a policy not to honor religious figures. He was twice wrong: there was no policy at the time, and they had indeed honored religious persons in the past. Not to be dissuaded, I wrote to every New York public official about this issue, asking for their help. I got plenty of support, and some politicians even spoke at our rally in front of the iconic building. De Blasio ignored our request.

In February 2011, a pro-life group, Life Always, displayed a huge billboard in the SoHo section of New York that showed a picture of a young black girl with the inscription, "The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb." The organization that was responsible for the billboard was strongly supported by prominent African-Americans; they chose to display it during Black History Month.

De Blasio went nuts. Mr. Public Advocate demanded censorship: he used his public office to pressure the group to take it down. "The billboard simply doesn't belong in our city. The ad violates the values of New Yorkers." Thus did he officially promote muzzling the free speech rights of New Yorkers.

Over the past decade, some New York public officials have decided not to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade because, they say, homosexuals are barred from marching. De Blasio is one of them. The claim is based on an out-and-out lie: Gays have never been banned from marching. What the parade officials insist on is that all contingents honor St. Patrick — they are not allowed to have their own floats and banners honoring their own cause. This is why pro-life Catholics are banned from marching under their own banner. As New York's Public Advocate, de Blasio decided he would rather show his solidarity with gays before siding with Irish Catholics.

Given de Blasio's insensitivity to Catholic concerns, it is not unfair to at least probe his religious affiliation. No one seems to know. We called his office and emailed his staff, but to no avail. If he is an atheist — his Latin-American dictatorial buddies surely are — we would like to know.

There is one Catholic connection that de Blasio has, and it is not one that any practicing Catholic would want to be associated with. In the 1980s, he was employed by the Quixote Center, a fringe group of Catholics so radical that they were investigated by the Treasury Department for smuggling guns to their Sandinista friends. Indeed, the Quixote Center was also the subject of probes by the IRS and the U.S. Customs Service at this time. This is the same group of zealots who defended the cop-killing racist Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Black Panther who became a hero to left-wing extremists.

The Quixote Center is hardly a model Catholic outfit. Its "We Are the Church" campaigns have all sought to upend the teachings of the Catholic Church. All of their efforts have failed. No matter, this is the kind of Catholic organization that excites de Blasio, ones that reject the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

When "Occupy Wall Street" protesters took over Zuccotti Park, trashing the area, raping women, ripping off the homeless, defecating in the street, and taunting the police, there was no bigger fan in New York City than Bill de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm, Jr., aka Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. If he wins, maybe he'll honeymoon in North Korea. They would surely welcome him.

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