April 17, 2020

USA: CBS News Caught Using Footage Of An Overwhelmed Italian Hospital In Coronavirus Coverage About NYC. CBS News Admitted "It Was An Editing Mistake" In Airing Footage.

Gateway Pundit

written by Jim Hoft
Sunday March 29, 2020

Emergency Room Footage on CBS Matches Footage from Italian Hospital!

This is footage from SKY News on March 22 from Italy.

And here is footage from CBS News during their New York City report on March 25.

CBS News painted a dire picture from New York City this week in their coronavirus coverage.

On Wednesday morning CBS aired this footage from a New York hospital.

The footage matches SKY News video from inside an Italian hospital from Sunday March 22.

The Blaze News
written by Phil Shiver
Tuesday March 31, 2020

CBS News has admitted it made a "mistake" in airing footage of an overwhelmed Italian hospital while reporting on the coronavirus outbreak in New York City.

"It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows," a spokesperson told Fox News on Monday.

The footage in question was shot by Sky News and aired in a video report the outlet uploaded to YouTube on March 19, which documented the ongoing crisis in Italy's coronavirus epicenter in Bergamo.

The Sky News report shows medical staff scrambling to treat direly ill patients with limited resources in an overcrowded hospital. Several patients can be seen desperately gasping for air. The outlet hoped to demonstrate to the world just how bad the situation was in the European country.

But last Wednesday, CBS News included a short clip from the Sky News video in a segment about the outbreak of COVID-19 in New York City, which the outlet calls "America's Epicenter."

A production administrator for Turning Point USA posted clips of the two broadcasts on Twitter to show viewers that the same footage is being used.

In northern Italian cities such as Bergamo where the Sky News report was shot, the health care system faced near collapse during the height of the outbreak. Doctors were reportedly having to choose between patients due to limited time and resources, in many cases, leaving elderly patients to die.

The death toll was so high in the country that the military was deployed to transport dead bodies to be cremated.

As of Monday, New York City had reported more than 36,000 confirmed cases, with 790 resulting deaths.
Breitbart News
written by John Nolte
Thursday April 9, 2020

Far-left CBS has been caught broadcasting misleading hospital footage for a second time during the coronavirus pandemic.

About two weeks ago, on March 22, CBS News used deceptively-edited footage the first time. Breitbart News reported then that “Far-left CBS News was caught red-handed using chaotic footage from an Italian hospital in a story about New York City hospitals.”

“It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows,” CBS News explained unconvincingly at the time.

The establishment media’s coronavirus agenda is as sociopathic as it is obvious: up the death count. Why else would the media be actively looking to discourage those suffering from the Chinese virus from taking perfectly safe (as long as it’s in consultation with a doctor) anti-malaria drugs?

Simply put, the more Americans who die, the more it hurts President Trump’s 2020 reelection chances. And one way to mislead the American people into believing the death count is unnecessarily high is to air chaotic hospital footage from Italy — a country with socialized medicine, by the way — and tell us this is an American hospital.

In the case of the first CBS fake news broadcast, the Italian footage was used to exaggerate and misrepresent a New York hospital.

Over the weekend, CBS News again used this video to mislead its viewers, this time while talking about a Philadelphia hospital:
After @CBSNews was called out for airing footage of a hospital in Italy and saying it was New York, they apologized and said it was an error.

Less than a week later, they aired the same footage, this time when talking about Pennsylvania.

(h/t @lieggiji) pic.twitter.com/omTu6twgPm

— ALX 🇺🇸 (@alx) April 8, 2020
As I mentioned in my earlier piece the first time CBS intentionally misled its viewers with this footage:
Am I the only one who’s noticed how these so-called “mistakes” only ever fall in one direction?

Am I saying the media are hoping for death and chaos? Am I saying the media care more about beating Trump in 2020 than they do American lives? You’re goddamned right that what’s I’m saying.

And that’s why these mistakes only ever fall one way: in favor of the fake news media’s anti-Trump agenda.

Has the media ever made a mistake in Trump’s favor?

No. But you already knew that.
Look at the legion of coronavirus lies we have already caught the establishment media spreading, and now we’re supposed to believe this was just — oopsies! — an editing error.

What’s more, and let’s never forget this… CBS was also caught lying when it spread the fake news that Trump told those suffering from the coronavirus to go to work.

After CBS was busted using this footage the first time, CBS said it “took immediate steps to remove [the clip] from all platforms and shows.”

Well, obviously CBS didn’t.

But here’s the thing…

Ask yourself this… Why is CBS News forced to use another country’s B-roll to try to fool the American people into believing things are worse than they are?

The asking of the question answers the question… because CBS cannot get its hands on legitimate footage of U.S. hospital chaos.

And don’t for a minute believe that’s due to a lack of trying.

But as we have seen over the past few weeks, although things are bad, they are nowhere near as bad as the media hoped. Everyone who has so far needed a ventilator has gotten one. Nearby hospitals have been able to handle any overflow, so our hospitals are not overwhelmed, not even in New York, and coronavirus patients are not stacked one upon the other.

But just don’t call CBS News the enemy of the people. That would be wrong.


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