April 10, 2020

FRANCE: President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Visited Dr. Didier Raoult Who Used Hydroxychlorine To Cure A Thousand COVID19 Patients, Explored The Hospital Research Facility In Marseille.

Le Figaro News, France local
written by Marcelo Wesfreid
Thursday April 9, 2020
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During a visit to Marseille, this Thursday afternoon, the Head of State met with the director of the IHU-Mediterranean, which publishes a study on the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Give back a touch of hope. Instill a dose of optimism while the confinement never ends, forcing the French to take their troubles patiently, when the temperatures are mild. This is the objective of Emmanuel Macron's surprise trip, Thursday afternoon, to the Institut Hospitalier Universitaire de Marseille. Armed with a mask, he visited the facilities, discovered the high-speed platform which allows up to 3,500 tests per day and met the famous professor Didier Raoult, the infectious pathologist convinced that he had found the formula against Covid-19, thanks to the use of hydroxychloroquine. An iconoclastic researcher, as sure of his methods as fond of flashes, which arouses a craze in public opinion but divides the scientific community.

"It's crazy that the president went to see Raoult", cowardly, flabbergasted, a minister of the first circle, discovering the information like everyone else. It must be said that the visit was prepared by the Élysée in the greatest secrecy. "No minister accompanies the head of state, because they must remain at their task," we slip in the presidential entourage. No journalist attends the displacement. Is it a question of avoiding the disappointments of the visit of the day before, in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis), where a crowd of onlookers had formed around the Head of State? The images, reported by the media, had sparked controversy.

Deterred from listening to the druid-haired scientist by a large part of the majority, Emmanuel Macron refuses, however, since the start of the crisis, to dismiss the track defended by the former Inserm 2010 grand prix. two men met for the first time at the Élysée Palace on March 5 and have had regular discussions since then. Professor Raoult, who forged political ties on the right and on the left, also called Brigitte Macron when one of her friends was admitted for treatment at the IHU. “ Before his speech on Monday, the head of state came to realize personally, on the spot, what this institute is. Professor Raoult is not a charlatan trapped in the back of a dark lab. He heads a world renowned institute", underlines the president LR of the PACA region, Renaud Muselier.

During the presidential visit to Marseille, Professor Raoult handed over to the Head of State a freshly completed scientific study on 1061 patients, carried out on the spot. The results were still being processed the same morning. According to Les Echos , this research would conclude with an efficiency rate of 91%. A result on which the Elysee Palace refused to communicate, but which can explain the calendar of Emmanuel Macron's surprise visit to the University Hospital Institute. Even if the Élysée sweeps this hypothesis out of hand.

“The Head of State did not come to Marseille to say whether he believes in this or that method or not, but to take stock of the state of French and international research and whether we can also help patients who have less severe forms of the disease , demine an Elysée counselor. We work with the entire scientific community, with all sensitivities. The role of the president is not to decide between scientific sensibilities”. A dozen studies are currently authorized in French laboratories and institutes.

In the morning, Emmanuel Macron had made a jump at the Kremlin-Bicêtre teaching hospital, near Paris, to meet teams carrying out therapeutic surveys, carried out in particular within the framework of the European research program Discovery. "There are eleven therapeutic studies authorized at this time in France," insists one at the Élysée. A kind of medical “at the same time”, since these studies, even those which deal with chloroquine, do not test the protocol touted by Professor Raoult, which focuses on patients at an earlier stage of the disease.
Le Parisen
written by Frédéric Mouchon
Thursday April 9, 2020

The member of the presidential party announces us exclusively that a summary will be filed with the Council of State against a decree published in March which requires that chloroquine be reserved for the most serious cases in the hospital. She also says she is more than favorable to the prescription of this drug to treat patients with coronavirus.

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Expertise in Communicable Diseases: Worldwide

All of you on the Left and even in the media have the nerve to call Dr. Didier Raoult a quack doctor when he is listed as the NUMBER ONE expert in communicable diseases. READ LIST ABOVE. Notice that Dr. Anthony Fauci is NUMBER THIRTY-SIX. (emphasis mine)
UPDATE 4/11/20 at 11:42am: Added info below.

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