March 9, 2020

Full Moon ECLIPSE In Virgo AND Mercury (Ruler of Virgo) Stations Direct The SAME day!. Healing And Hope by Tania Gabrielle.

Healing and Hope
written by Tania Gabrielle

On March 9 a Full Moon in Virgo brings profound healing, hope and forward momentum.

Mercury (ruler of Virgo) stations direct the SAME day!

  • Neptune, ruler of Pisces, conjuncts the Sun in Pisces.
  • Venus, ruler of Taurus, conjuncts Uranus in Taurus.
  • 6 planets are in Earth signs along with the Moon in Virgo.
A welcome internal positive shift is beginning during this full moon and will continue to build as March continues.

Virgo puts our focus on what is helpful and healing and does so in both a practical and spiritual way.

Virgo loves to be of service.

Virgo provides meaning – bringing order out of chaos.

With Neptune’s opposition to the Moon, your psychic awareness increases. Your imagination is positively VIVID!

There’s so much to share about this full moon – including wonderful transits to Jupiter and Pluto.

Be sure to watch the uplifting Virgo Full Moon Star Code Forecast!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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