February 4, 2020

USA: Two More Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Field Organizers Exposed, 'We're Going To Destroy Property. Abolish Landlords, So We Don’t Have to Kill Them. Strip Power From Capitalists.'

Project Veritas Action published Jan 28, 2020: Part IV: FULL VIDEO EXPOSE. Two More Bernie Staffers Promote "Extreme Action" and Property Destruction. I promise it's worth 17 minutes of your time.
written by Leah Barkoukis
Wednesday January 29, 2020

James O’Keefe's Project Veritas released more footage Tuesday giving an inside look into the type of staffer Sen. Bernie Sanders keeps on the payroll, and not surprisingly, they’re as radical as you can imagine.

The latest film in O'Keefe's #Expose2020 series reportedly shows two South Carolina field organizers speaking about their desires to overthrow the U.S. government and capitalism, destroy property, and how they have to keep their extremism "on the back burner" right now.

“Even if Bernie is elected, change will not come swiftly or easily, so the connections we’re making now in the campaign and with other volunteers and events, it’s important we retain that regardless of the outcome,” said field organizer David Taylor. “It’s unfortunate that we have to make plans for extreme action, but like I said, they’re not going to give it to us even if Bernie is elected.”

A second field organizer identified as Mason Baird discussed the type of people who are attracted to Sanders’s campaign, explaining they “fall well outside of the American norm.”

“I’ve canvassed with someone who’s, like, an anarchist, and I’ve canvassed with someone who’s more of a Marxist/Leninist, so we attract radical, like truly radical people to the campaign,” he said. “But that’s obviously that’s not outward-facing.”

Taylor said for now they have to keep their extremism quiet.

“We don’t want to scare people off, so you’ve kind of got to feel it out first before you get into the crazy stuff,” he said. “You know, we were talking about more extreme organizations and stuff like antifa, you were talking about the ‘yellow vests,’ all that, but we’re kind of keeping that on the back burner for right now.”

While Baird spoke of how he would like to avoid violence should Sanders get elected, others within the movement are more keen to go down that road.

“[A]fter we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them,” Baird said, noting he is “not excited by the prospect of armed struggle.”

“I just never want to kill anybody. That scares me a lot,” he added. “I would say most people in the movement are in it to avoid going that far, and there’s a wing of the movement that sees that as …”

“Inevitable?” the PV undercover investigator interjected.

“Yeah,” Baird replied, who went on to explain the necessity of property damage.

“We would need a federal government and labor union movement that is working together to?strip power away from capitalists and preferably directing that violence toward property,” he said.

In previous videos Sanders staffers have been shown to praise Republican re-education camps, using the guillotine on the rich, and killing anyone who fights against the revolution.

O'Keefe said the question that needs to be answered as they continue to expose more radicals working for Sanders, is whether they are representative of his campaign or outliers.

“If not, shouldn’t the campaign disavow these workers? Or are they the true face of the campaign and the candidate himself?” he asked.

Mainstream media outlets won't ask these questions, O'Keefe explains, because they're ignoring the videos altogether.
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