February 27, 2020

GERMANY: On Monday, A 29-Year-Old German Man Intentionally Ploughed His Car Into A Carnival Crowd In Western Germany Injuring 61 People. The Victims Were Aged Between Two And 85 Years Old.

BBC News, UK
written by Staff
Tuesday February 25, 2020

The number of people confirmed as injured after a car ploughed into a carnival crowd in western Germany has risen to almost 60, police say.

Eighteen of those hurt in Monday's incident are children. In total 35 people remain in hospital.

Frankfurt's general prosecutor's office announced that the victims were aged between two and 85 years old.

Twenty-nine year-old resident Maurice P was arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide in the town of Volkmarsen.

The motive of the attack was still unclear on Tuesday but police denied a report that the man was drunk.

What do we know about the suspect?

Maurice P was himself injured and police said they had yet to question him. They raided his home late on Monday and his landlord told local broadcaster Hessenschau that he was a "very calm, totally inconspicuous and always polite person".

The number of injured increased on Tuesday, after police urged people to come forward even if they had not sought medical treatment.

While some planned carnival events went ahead in the state of Hesse, where the attack happened, several others were cancelled.

A statement by Hesse police said there were no "concrete indications" the risk had increased at the events.

Police also arrested a second person for allegedly filming the incident, the statement said.

Authorities cautioned against sharing images of the incident after one picture circulated online claimed to show the driver being arrested, but in fact showed a different person. Officers branded the photo "fake news" in a Twitter post.

What happened in Volkmarsen?

The incident took place during celebrations for Rosenmontag, or Rose Monday - a carnival day celebrated in some parts of Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.

A silver Mercedes drove through plastic barricades set up for the parade and into a group of people at about 14:45 local time (13:45 GMT).

Eyewitnesses told German media that driver had accelerated toward the crowd and appeared to target children.

Police said they believed it was an attack but that there was no indication of a political motive, according to Bild newspaper.

The Frankfurt prosecutor's office said the suspect was being treated for injuries sustained in the incident, but would later be brought before an investigating judge.

Although authorities rejected reports that the driver was drunk at the time, it was unclear whether he was under the influence of drugs.

Steffen Roettger said his two daughters were at the parade and called him after the incident happened. "My 10-year-old was pulled aside and only narrowly avoided being hit," he told broadcaster NTV.

He said his daughter was "in shock" after seeing people "lying around everywhere".

What has the reaction been?

Police have set up a portal for people to submit pictures or videos of the incident. They have also created an information centre for anyone affected at the town hall.

Hesse state leader Volker Bouffier said he was "shocked at the terrible act".

In a statement, he shared his condolences with the victims and their families, while urging people not to speculate about possible motives.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her thoughts were with those injured and their relatives.
Reuters News
written by Joseph Nasr
Tuesday February 25, 2020

VOLKMARSEN, Germany - Germany increased security at some carnival processions on Tuesday after a local man ploughed his car into a parade in the western German town of Volkmarsen, injuring 61 people, including 20 children.

The incident on Monday shook Germans still struggling to take in last week’s racist gun attack on two bars in the town of Hanau which left 11 people dead.
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The alleged shooter left behind a video and a 24-page manifesto in which he said certain peoples “must be completely destroyed,” according to German news reports. A spokesperson for the attorney general told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency he could not confirm the existence of a manifesto or video, but that further information would be released later on Thursday.

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“I would eliminate all these people, even if we are speaking about billions of people. It has to be done,” the manifesto said, according to the Financial Times, which said it had seen the document.
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The Kassel district court ordered the suspect, a 29-year-old German man, remanded in custody on suspicion of attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and dangerous interference with road traffic, a spokesman for the prosecutor said in a statement.

“The accused is suspected of having deliberately steered his car into a large group of people with the intention of killing on 24 February, 2020 at around 2.45 pm (1345 GMT) during the Rose Monday procession in Volkmarsen,” the spokesman added.

Rose Monday is the height of the carnival season in Catholic areas of Germany, especially in the Rhineland where tens of thousands of people dress up, drink alcohol and line the streets to watch decorated floats that often mock public figures.

The 61 people injured - some of them seriously - were aged between two and 85. Investigations into the driver’s motive were continuing and all possibilities were being investigated, the prosecutor’s spokesman added.

While the driver was detained and treated for his own injuries, townspeople puzzled over why he had done it.

“You have to be crazy or blinded by rage to do something like this,” said 58-year-old Volkmarsen native Rainer Bellmann.


An emergency responder said bystanders had punched the man while he tried to choke her as she leaned into the car to remove the key after his vehicle crashed.

“He didn’t say a word. He looked at you empty and dead and seemed so satisfied,” Lea-Sophie Schloemer told Welt television. “It was really unnerving how satisfied he seemed.”

Initial tests for alcohol were negative but that was not a final assessment and there were as yet no results from the drug test, the prosecutors’ spokesman said.

While some carnival processions in the state of Hesse, home to Volkmarsen, were canceled, other celebrations in the region went ahead, under increased security.

Prosecutors said there was no concrete reason to think the risk of attacks at parades had increased, but urged organizers to review security arrangements.

Security at public events in Germany has been tightened since a Tunisian man with Islamist militant ties ploughed a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin in 2016, killing 12 people. He was later shot dead by Italian police after fleeing.

A police spokesman said he could not rule out that some of the injured in Volkmarsen were in a life-threatening condition.

The suspect will appear before an investigating magistrate as soon as his condition allows, state prosecutors said.

“There are so far no indications of politically-motivated criminality,” Bild newspaper cited an investigator as saying.

“But we think that the perpetrator acted with intent, and that psychological problems may have played a role,” the investigator added.

Prosecutors confirmed that a second man had been detained at the scene on Monday and was accused of filming the incident. The spokesman said prosecutors were investigating whether the man had links to the driver.

The street where the incident happened in the center of the small town was still cordoned off by police on Tuesday and several stores in the area were closed.

Locals told Reuters that police had searched two homes in the town, including one apartment near to the scene that a police officer said was the home of relatives of the man.

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