February 4, 2020

ENGLAND: Hamilton Musical Star Being Sued Over Hate Hoax. Claimed In A Viral Tweet That He And A Group Of 8 Other Black Actors Were Refused Entry At London Pub After Being “Racially Profiled.”

The Post Millenial
written by Bobby Harr
Sunday February 2, 2020

Last November, British actor and “Hamilton” musical star, Giles Terera, claimed in a viral tweet that he and a group of eight other black actors were refused entry at a London pub after being “racially profiled.” However, the blues bar immediately refuted the allegations of racism in a Facebook post, saying that some members of Terera’s group did not have IDs. Now, it appears that the “Ain’t Nothin’ But Blues” bar in central London may be taking legal action against Mr. Terera.

On Nov. 29, 2019, Mr. Terera claimed in a series of tweets that his group of black actors was denied entry while a separate group of white people was allowed into the bar. He tagged the bar and the Evening Standard newspaper.
“This group of talented, and hard working actors was left devastated, confused and upset,” Mr. Terera wrote. “That this happens anywhere is a f*cking disgrace, the fact it happens at venue which also exploits Blues music is sick.” He received an outpouring of support from politicians, celebrities and actors. The story was covered in the British press.

However, Mr. Terera’s later deleted his tweets without offering an update or clarification.

Kevin Hillier, owner of “Ain’t Nothin’ But” blues bar, declined to comment on the developments on the incident, stating that the matter was “with our lawyers.”

In a strongly-worded statement posted on the business’ Facebook on Nov. 30, the bar said Mr. Terera’s group could not legally be served because they failed to prove their age with proper identification. “It is a shame they then have to try and use the ‘race’ card to intimidate the staff,” the statement reads. “We now have an unfair reputation which we cannot properly respond to. We have regular customers, and staff, who are black. It makes no difference to us what colour people are.”

Mr. Terera, who starred as Aaron Burr in the London production of “Hamilton,” did not respond to The Post Millennial’s request for comment. In an interview with the BBC in May 2019, he expressed sentiments that being an actor of colour was difficult, as was being a person of colour in Britain.

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