November 13, 2019

USA: Prominent Democrat Donor, LGBT Activist, And Human Rights Campaign Co-Founder Terry Bean Arrested For Child Sex Abuse. news, Portland local
written by Dan Tilkin
Thursday October 31, 2019

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Terry Bean, the high-profile Democratic donor and activist, bailed out of jail the same day he was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Portland police. His lawyer, Derek Ashton – who was arrested hours earlier – also posted bail and was released from jail.​

Court documents say the men arranged a $200,000 payment to a 15-year-old boy to make sex abuse charges against Bean go away. ​

Bean was arrested on a warrant accusing him of 2 counts of 3rd-degree sodomy — both felonies — and a misdemeanor sexual abuse charge on a case that was first filed in 2015.

Ashton represented Bean in that case.​

Ashton was booked shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday into Multnomah County jail in connection on a Lane County warrant on suspicion of violating Oregon’s computer crime statute.​

In court records PPB Detective Jeff Myers said Ashton and the boy’s lawyer worked on a civil settlement. ​

Myers detailed an elaborate scheme to keep investigators from finding the boy. The boy told the detective his own lawyer helped him hide.

“She told me not to talk to certain people, she told me to go on the run at a certain point,” the detective quoted the boy as saying. “So, if I did testify I was told I wasn’t supposed to get my money. So that’s why I did not testify. And that’s why my attomey told me to go on the run.” ​

Myers wrote the boy’s lawyer gave him a “burner” phone and cash, and worked to hide him in a cabin in the mountains outside of Portland.​

Over the summer, one of Bean’s lawyers filed court motions to try to convince a judge to make prosecutors turn over evidence.

In that defense motion, the lawyer revealed Deputy Lane County District Attorney Erik Hasselman told a judge in June he had evidence of wrongdoing by Bean and Ashton, along with the teen’s lawyer, and another attorney for a prosecutor’s witness.​

“…committed the crimes of bribery, witness tampering and ‘possibly’ money laundering,” wrote Bean attorney Kimberlee Volm. ​

Volm wrote that Hasselman told the judge the statute of limitations had likley run out and would prevent Lane County from charging Bean or Ashton with the crimes involved in convincing the teenager to take a civil settlement.​

“Bean can move to exclude any reference to settlement, including trumped-up allegations of bribery or tampering, from his criminal trial,” argued Volm in the ongoing case.​

It is clear from the new arrests prosecutors believe they can still move forward with some charges. ​

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