October 15, 2019

NETHERLANDS: A Muslim Man From Afghanistan Who Stabbed Two American Tourists In Amsterdam 'To Protect The Prophet Mohammed' Was Handed Down 26 Year And 8 month Prison Sentence.

The Daily Mail, UK
written by Ryan Fahey
Monday October 14, 2019

Dutch judges on Monday sentenced an Afghan man to 26 years and eight months in jail for stabbing two American tourists at Amsterdam's Central station in a terror attack.

The 20-year-old, identified only as Jawed S., was also ordered at Amsterdam district court to pay almost £2.6 million in damages following the August 31, 2018 assault.

One of the two victims remains in a wheelchair after the attack, which sent midday commuters at the city's busiest station into a panic. Police shot Jawed S. in the lower body before arresting him.

'He never showed any regret or remorse during his trial, repeatedly saying he would do the same again if his religion was insulted,' the judges said.

'The risk of a repeat offence is therefore very high and the court finds it essential that society is protected against him as long as possible.'

During his trial at a heavily-fortified courtroom, Jawed S. said he travelled to the Netherlands from Germany to 'protect the Prophet Mohammed.'

He also mentioned anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, and his knife assault came a day after the far-right MP announced he was cancelling moves to stage a cartoon competition to caricature the Prophet Mohammed.

Dutch prosecutors charged Jawed S. with two counts of attempted murder with a terrorist aim and judges found all accusations against him had been proven.

'He (Jawed S.) came to the Netherlands to kill as many people as possible,' the judges said.

The wheelchair-bound victim has a severe spinal cord injury, while the second American man was stabbed in the right chest and arm.

'Despite the fact that the threat was short-lived, it had a devastating effect on the two Americans and their spouses,' the judges said.

The wife of one victim also had a miscarriage two months after the attack.

'The question whether she'll ever have children remains,' the judges said.
I'm sharing the article below because it has additional information the article I shared above doesn't have. His application for asylum was rejected in Germany. This is why it's good to read articles from different sources to get a better understanding of the whole picture. Like the article below doesn't mention the miscarriage, nor the severe spinal cord injury. (emphasis mine)
The Washington Post
written by AP staff
Monday October 14, 2019

AMSTERDAM — A Dutch court on Monday convicted an Afghan asylum-seeker and sentenced him to nearly 27 years imprisonment for stabbing two American tourists in a terror attack at Amsterdam’s main railway station.

The 20-year-old man, identified by Dutch authorities as Jawed S, was shot by police shortly after he stabbed two 38-year-old American men at Amsterdam Central station on Aug. 31 last year.

Both victims survived but one was left partially paralyzed by the attack, Amsterdam District Court said in its written judgment.

The court convicted Jawed S. of attempted murder with a terrorist motive and sentenced him to the maximum possible 26 years and eight months.

It ruled that he traveled by train to the Netherlands from Germany, where his application for asylum was rejected, to avenge what he perceived as insults to Islam and did not know his victims were Americans.

During his trial, he “never showed any remorse and in fact repeatedly said he would do the same thing again if his religion were insulted,” the court said in a statement.


Ruptly published December 8, 2017: Netherlands: A Muslim man with Palestinian flag smashes windows of Kosher restaurant in Amsterdam. A Muslim man waving a Palestinian flag smashed the windows of a Kosher restaurant with a wooden stick in Amsterdam on Thursday morning. The incident happened soon after US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

BBC News published March 18, 2019: A gunman has opened fire inside a tram and at several other locations in the Dutch city of Utrecht, authorities say. Several people have been injured and one is feared to have died, media reports say. Police say the gunman is still at large. Trains and trams have stopped running and schools have been asked to keep their doors closed. Counter-terrorism police reportedly say the shooting "appears to be a terrorist attack". Dutch anti-terrorism co-ordinator Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg said all efforts were now focused on catching the gunman. He also said there could be more than one perpetrator.

The Wall Street Journal
written by Valentina Pop
March 18, 2019

Three people were killed and others wounded in Utrecht attack authorities were treating as terrorism.

Dutch police arrested a Turkish-born suspect believed to be the gunman who killed at least three people and wounded several others on a tram in the city of Utrecht, an attack authorities were treating as a possible act of terrorism.
I am emphasizing that he is a Turkish-born Muslim terror suspect who is accused of killing 3 people and injuring several others on a tram. (emphasis mine)
Police identified the man as 37-year-old Gรถkmen Tanis and said he had a criminal record, but wouldn’t comment on whether he had been previously flagged as a terror suspect.

“Evidence points to terrorism, but we can’t exclude other motives,” Dutch prosecutor Rutger Jeuken said at a press conference in Utrecht on Monday. He added that possible accomplices were also being investigated, with one person having been taken in for questioning during several house raids carried out earlier in the day. A second suspected accomplice was taken into custody late Monday, police said.

Mr. Tanis’s family told Turkish news agency Anadolu that he shot a relative and others who tried to help that person, as part of a family dispute.

Police published pictures taken from surveillance-camera footage and showing the suspect a few moments before the shooting occurred, according to the time stamp on the images taken inside the tram.

The suspect is believed to have fled the scene after hijacking a red Renault Clio, which was found by police two hours later and a few miles north, said Rob van Bree, police chief of operations for central Netherlands. Mr. Tanis was arrested near where the car was found.

Utrecht Mayor Jan van Zanen said three people died and five were injured, three of whom were in critical condition.

A witness told Dutch public broadcaster NOS that the attacker shouted “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great.”

In recent years, the Netherlands had been spared the kinds of terror attacks in France, Belgium, Germany and the U.K. carried out by Islamic State or terrorists it inspired.

Counterterrorism measures, surveillance and deradicalization programs have been stepped up in the Netherlands since the murder of Theo van Gogh, an anti-Islam filmmaker killed in broad daylight in 2004. His murderer, a Dutch-Moroccan terrorist, is serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Last year, Dutch authorities foiled three terror plots, in cooperation with neighboring countries. In one of the cases, three people were arrested after their DNA was found on guns at a hideout linked to the 2016 Brussels terror attacks.

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