October 13, 2019

God Has A Purpose And Plan Established For You! Re-Post From 2/28/2010.

Wow! I heard Pastor Paula White preach a powerful message today that I wanted to share with you. I couldn't find it. However, I was just led to this other profound message given by Pastor Paula White. I am so blown away by this message! My spirit connected immediately. I was just sharing these thoughts with a friend yesterday! I'm pretty sure many of you are asking the same questions or at least I hope you are. I have typed a transcript for you below of only the first 5 minutes for all of my international readers or people who are not able to view the video.

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Here the WORD of the LORD. Because out of the crevices of darkness God is raising up DESTINY! When your gift hooks up with your need, its called your calling. And isn't that what we really want to know individually? Christ is being conformed in my life Paula. The hope of Glory, I understand, I believe I've been going through what I've been going through so the essence of His character, His nature can be developed in me. Now what? How does it fit in the BIG picture? How do I fit in the plan of God?

Let me help you because this is very therapeutic. It says BEFORE I formed you. Well that means before God Himself squeezed me into shape. God is the One who put everything about me, precisionly, perfectly together. I am perfect. I am one bad mama jama. I am so put together perfect. They say, would you do anything different? Would you be anything different? NO! It would be a FALSE IDENTITY! Because God created you as a designers original, authentic, never to be duplicated, there is no one like you, you are God's handy work. Your momma and daddy didn't put you together in Motel 6 in their night of passion. NO God did WAY BACK in ETERNITY! And He had a set and appointed time Psalm 1:39 says "Before you ever had one of your days, before they ever came into being they were already written down in the Book." God had numbered every day. He had written them down in the Book.

He didn't just design you, He designed your days. That means, if it is not God sent, it is God used in my life. Everything soveriegnly set up to produce the purpose and the plan of God in your life. You've been accepted in the beloved. Stop struggling with who you are and understand that God squeezed you into shape. He formed you. He molded you as a potter does. Before I formed thee in the belly. Your momma didn't formed you. Your daddy didn't form you. Science didn't form you. Evolution didn't form you. Before God squeezed you into shape in that womb that would push you forth.

You say, well if God made me, why did I go through such difficult things? The first thing that happens when you come out of the womb is the doctor takes you, holds you by that little booty and smacks it. The very first thing you get in LIFE is whacked! And when he whacks you, you start BREATHING! You wouldn't breathe if you didn't get the whack. Some of you keep trying to prevent the whack. It's NOT bad for you, it's helping you breathe, it's helping you grow, it's helping you become who you are. God knew how you needed to breathe in life.

What is the plan of God and how do I really fit in it? In the next few minutes I want to show you in order to align yourself individually to the assignment of God. Then you must comprehend corporately what God is doing. That the life God put you in is larger than the life you are living. So where are we in the Kingdom of God becomes the necessary question. Where are we in the Kingdom of God right now? To discern and to be able to move with His promptings and position our self accordingly. I must have a discernment of what is God up to in the earth today.

Because deep is calling deep! And there are some people that are going to be left in the shallow waters, that never move into the greatness of God. Behind the veil where He brings through an intimate relationship, a Glory visitation, an impartation, that releases His manifestation in this earth. God is calling you within the veil from the sound of life, from the very mercy seat. And He's beaconing you just like He did Ester to draw near to the very Throne of God. This is going to separate saints from aint's here. Because there must be an understanding that these are days of transition. And the truth is it's more enjoyable on the outer court sometimes than on the inner court. Because getting in that holy of holy takes a whole lot of preparation and processing. But there is a remnant that is being raised up that has no other agenda but to be used for the purpose and the plan of God.

God said I've been up to something and you're a part of my plan. And it's not a set back, but it's a set up. Micah chapter 7:8 rejoice not yet my enemy, when you see me fall. Not IF I fall, WHEN you see me fall. Because commotion, because of turbulence, because it's causing me to do all these things. You think you saw POWER in my life before. Baby you ain't see anything for the Glory of God. Because when I hit my knee to the ground, rejoice NOT YET ENEMY! You thought it was over when Jesus went to the tomb. It was only the beginning! I don't know what you went through. But I came to prophesy to you. Not IF I fall. But WHEN I fall. I SHALL ARISE! And the word arise means, come into my Being. You don't even come into the essence of who you really are until you went through what you went through.

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