July 20, 2019

Your Heart Has An Eye: 6 Steps To Seeing With It. So Beautifully Express. ((( ❤ )))

[source: SoulRises.com]

Yes, your heart has an eye. Just as your mind has an eye (often called the third eye). But actually, you have a fourth eye, the heart's eye or the chante-ishta.

I know this because one time I accidentally had an experience with the heart's eye. I was meditating on our back porch, and when I opened my eyes, I kid you not, everything was lit up. I could see the love energy of everything around me. I don't know how I knew that it was love--that was some kind of recognition that was beyond my comprehension.

And it scared me. So there was a lightning-quick communication with the universe, with the Holy Spirit wherein I said, emotionally or spiritually (I just felt it) that I was not ready for this. Fear pushed the experience away.

I've been softly trying to get that experience back for 2 years now. I'm determined, and if you are with me, we are going to do it together! I'm convinced that everyone can do it if I can do it accidentally.

And the feeling I had in those small seconds? It was extraordinary! I was completely open and filled with awe! Everything was beautiful! Even so-called ugly stuff. It was like the veil was lifted! For only a couple of seconds, but what a gift.

So I'm also convinced that this type of seeing could change the entire world. The open, loving feeling that accompanies this seeing is what will cause your life and the lives around you to change, to go higher.

Thinking about this over the years, I have come to realize that the heart was directing the vision of my eyes to see the truth. The heart center was affecting the brain which allowed my physical eyes to see it all.

The extreme love and complete understanding I felt in those seconds was just a taste, but it was enough to know that love is literally in everything, all around and is the answer to everything. It is the truth. All we need to do is activate it, and this requires seeing with the eye of the heart.

We truly are connected to everything, one with everything.

The eye of the heart is called, according to Native American tradition, the chante-ishta. Gregg Braden did an awesome talk on the heart's eye, the art of perceiving with the heart. When I heard this talk, I knew this is part of what had happened to me.

As part of his talk, Braden discusses how there is no term in the english language for what can most closely be called your energy-body or your electromagnetic field. In sanskrit, the word is prana. The heart's eye is the captain, the leader of the prana or energy body of you, and can affect emotions and change the trajectory of everything.

In a nutshell, seeing with the heart's eye allows us to love unconditionally. To love and bless everything: even annoying people and circumstances, painful people and circumstances. To love and accept heartbreaking life experiences and the heartbreakers too. The heart's eye allows us to ask what it is here to teach, to give us.

Seeing with the heart's eye is a way to feel into the love of the Spirit, to hold the tether that connects to your soul that connects to the Spirit, to trust the Spirit to give us exactly what we need for growth and experience, whether that experience is "negative" or "positive."

Through this process, we are able to live more joyfully, forgive more quickly, create beauty, expand our energy fields and strengthen our auras to attract the very best that is out there for us.

I've decided that it's not about having a transcendental, mind-blowing realization (though I would welcome that wonderful experience again anytime). It's about living and acting from the heart, from a place of love instead of fear. It's simply about knowing the truth at the core of everything.

Then you will know that everything that happens is happening for you: everything, no matter what it may look like from the outside, is made with love, by love, for love, is love. For the purpose of bringing you back to love, to the truth of what you are, which is the truth of every single energy form (even the chair you sit on).


1. Believe and know that there is more to the world than what you can experience with the 5 physical senses:

Well, this one is easy because all of this has been proven. Brain science has shown that the mind has a mechanism of making the world solid, tangible, interactive so to speak. Sensory input and sensory output, the work of the nervous system makes this possible.

This is the veil--the brain is making sense of the world for you. This is the world you can see, can hear, can smell, can touch, can taste. It does this systematically, and that is why the experience of the world is almost the same for all of us (that flower is blue to you, right?) with some glitches for a minority of people.

But the world, or all matter, is nothing but vibrating energy particles. And actually, these energy particles are surrounded by space. There is more space in the things in front of you, in your hands, in your body than actual matter. The world is matter and space, energy and information.

But you know what? The space is where it's at. The space, I've discovered, is love. The love is the force that holds all of these vibrating energy particles together to make a table or chair or human or animal. And it's the space that we cannot see. It is what we can't see that does it all.

There are frequencies we can't see, touch or hear. Energy vibrations that might be visible to animals, but not to humans. At my family's farm, every time a horse was brought down the dirt road, she would have a panic attack passing a certain place. It was discovered that there was an Indian burial mound there.

I'm convinced that animals have more access to frequencies because they live in the present: they live from the energy body and see with the heart's eye.

The color of the sky is not actually blue, the atmosphere has absorbed all of the color spectrum except blue. That is why it is reflected back to your eyes (where your brain systematically makes sense of it and voila - that is what you see).

The human brain's veil of sensory experience is to protect us. We are not evil or wrong for it, but we are definitely hypnotized by it. Not everything is what it seems. This makes the world a little bit like virtual reality, pixels on a screen.

As soon as you can accept that there is much much more, and as soon as you expect to know more, then you are on your way. There is more here than what the 5 senses can give you. Expect and hope to go, fearlessly, beyond the 5 senses.

2. Bring awareness and consciousness to the heart chakra:

Oh, the chakras are a wealth of information about your energy body. And they are worth exploring. But we have to focus now on the 4th energy wheel, the Anahata Chakra or the heart chakra. It's located, you guessed it, in the center of your chest.

Because of its close proximity to your center, it holds a lot of energy. So it is fairly easy to feel and move into.

But many of us have had major issues with the heart. In fact, most every single human has had their heart beaten. Heart-beats. Personally and collectively. Separately and together. From a very young age. Because we were all surrounded by fear and pain, which is a part of this world (and ends up playing a loving role and has a loving purpose like everything else).

It doesn't take much for the heart to get slapped around because we all share pain. Sometimes all it takes is turning on the news. Because this world is fearful (fear was necessary to survive) and so full of pain.

I remember seeing a homeless person for the first time as a child and crying my eyes out. Fast forward 20 years later, and I had to pass a large group of them every day to walk to work. My heart has hardened in order to survive in the world. You can't lose control every time something sad comes into your experience.

I wonder, however, how hard the energy in the heart has gotten for a lot of us. We have frozen that area a little to a lot in order to save ourselves from heartbreak at every turn, in order to avoid feeling too much. We have numbed ourselves, but we are paying the price for that.

While heart disease is killing more people than cancer and cars, we are also wanting love. Love from everyone and everything. We think it comes from outside of us.

It seems as if we lack love. It seems the world has forgotten how to use it.

In truth, it's that we have hardened that area to survive, but as a consequence, we have stopped love from coming in and going out (depending on how much the heart has hardened). So we have stopped the flow. There are blockages, and the energy which is supposed to be fluid like water is solid like ice.

But there is a never-ending supply of energy for the heart chakra and all chakras. All that is necessary is to bring healing and warmth to this energy center. The best way to do that is to love and to give. To break the ice.

Compassion is the easiest and fastest way to do this. Try to feel into someone else's pain. Concentrate on your heart chakra as you imagine yourself in someone else's painful shoes. Watch a sad movie about a true story, read a book about the Holocaust, go ahead and get upset. Let the waters flow.

OR you could practice self-compassion. Think of a time that you had your heart broken. Cry, bring all of your attention to your chest, and comfort yourself as if you were a mother holding a hurting child. Let it out. Let the pain go. Let the waters flow.

Yoga is an effective way to get into the heart chakra, to feel into it. And yoga can cool or energize and align all the chakras. The chakras depend on, interact with, and power up one another. A blockage or slow chakra will block or slow the whole system.

Free the energy of your heart chakra.

3. Ask for the experience:

Whenever you ask a question, it has to be answered. It will be answered. A real question with emotion attached to it.

If you really want the answer, it's yours. Just ask and let it go.

Letting it go and having patience is the main thing, because I have found that my desire for certain spiritual experiences has been based on moments of grace. I called them into being, but they came when I was open enough. They came as a gift, as a moment of grace.

And using the heart's eye, everything is a spiritual experience.

So in the end, it's about asking for the experience of seeing with the heart and most importantly, being able to let go of the request, to detach yourself from it. To release the question without the pressure of having to have the answer. There is no pushing to get an answer. There is only softening enough to let it in.

It's all about being open, soft and receptive. The best way to open the heart is to love. And that is practice for using the heart's eye.

In the end, it's a prayer: May I see with your eye, with the eye of love. May I feel the unconditional love of God, for more than just those who are easy for me to love. May I love all of life, with your help. May I be in love. May I be for love. May I be love. May I see love. May I see with my heart's eye.

Intend to have the experience. Intend, dare to live that way. Ask for it with emotion, with true desire. Let the prayer and intention go. And then open up and be present for the boomerang.

4. Meditate (also means prayer):

This is the main thing. Meditation enlivens all the chakras, aligns them. When you close your eyes, you have to look inward. When you get quiet, you have to listen. When you get still, you have to feel.

That's why people avoid meditation like the plague. That's why some people don't like to be alone. And it's also why people are addicted to their phones. It's why some people might be addicted to being busy. They are avoiding themselves.

When have to look, listen, and feel the inner life, there is usually stuff that is not so easy to see, hear and touch. Painful, scary stuff. That's the reason for the busyness, the distractions.

But here's the thing: That stuff is going to come out. Whether you walk forward through it or whether it comes out sideways in multiple, dysfunctional ways, that painful, scary stuff is going to come out. Might as well walk through it in the quiet of your own room, cry through it in private, feel all the feelings. Let it out.

We are unfreezing the heart, undoing the numbness. We are letting the stuck energy flow. The "bad" stuff has to liquefy and come out, and this allows the good stuff, the love to flow out. Let the "bad" stuff go and then let the good stuff go too. Give it to everybody, everything, all of life.

It helps, when meditating on the heart, to use a precious stone. I like to recommend rose quartz when meditating on the heart. I get all my stones from Sage Goddess.

So maybe the "bad" stuff isn't so bad because it frees the good stuff. And what would the good be without the "bad?"

5. Use your imagination:

Visualization is really very powerful. Because it provokes feeling and emotion.

If visualizing an eye in your heart is a little too much then imagine a light, bright and white and powerful and so very beautiful - shimmery beautiful. Luminous, gorgeous shooting straight form the center of your chest. That's what I saw. It's in everything. It's in you!

So it shouldn't take too much imagination. Close your eyes and see it. This bright, white line is what connects you to all. Maybe you might even be able to feel it.

This is better than the visualization of an actual eye because it's closer to the truth. Actually, this light is what the real heart of everything looks like. The chante-ishta of all. The beauty of everything.

If you can imagine the heart's eye inside others, that's the real task. Imagine it first within animals. They are much easier for some people to think of as good. Then you might even try inanimate objects. Then people.

Start easy. Visualize for people you love. Then visualize for people you only know and like. Then strangers and finally, are you ready? Those people who are training you, the people who are your God-sent teachers. The people you don't love. The people you don't like.

Not so easy. And it may not be that easy to imagine the heart's eye within yourself. But just keep trying. Once you get the visualization down, the light grows stronger. Your line to others grows stronger. Your line to Spirit grows stronger, straight from the center of your chest and up through the rest of the chakras and out through the crown. Horizontal and vertical integration.

Then you might see the love in all the situations and circumstances. Someone cuts in front of you in traffic? You're being loved. Someone breaks up with you? You're being loved. I'm so sorry to say this, but even the most painful things. The Spirit is pulling you in, breaking you open. With time, you will shine unbelievably, otherworldly brightly, when you can navigate it with the strength that was given to you when you were created. The harder the pain, the greater your call.

Everything begins in the imagination. So use it. It's another powerful thing we cannot see. Just like the heart's eye.

6. Drop preconceptions entirely and focus on love:

Judging is a form of fear. And it's the opposite of love. We do it all day, every day.

It's obvious that judging people is not helpful, but what I'm talking about is life. Whatever form that life takes for you in this moment.

It goes without saying that you can't love someone if you're judging them (or fearing them, which is the truth of judgment).

This is good. That is bad. I don't want this. I do want that.

The truth of the matter is we don't know anything. We don't have the view to be the ultimate judge of what's in front of us. What we need to see is everything, all the way to the end. But all we can see is right here. What's right here is not enough to make a full decision, to make the executive judgment.

Today I worked so hard on something for hours, and it was erased in the blink of an eye. I screamed so loud! I said a lot of mumbo-jumbo about how "This sucks! This is awful, damn it!" I threw a fit. I'm fiery, and I kind of enjoy it. It's okay to scream. It's good for me, I think.

Then I realized with an ironic smile: is this love? Am I being loved somehow? Yes.

The second draft was much better. Glad I got all the good practice.

I know there are things it's much harder to smile into, to accept and even bless, to see the beauty of. There are people, things, situations and even places that are very hard to see with your heart's eye. I've been in a lot of those life moments, as we all have. And I've also been blessed not to have been in some unspeakable ones.

But I know that it's all for love. Because I've seen it. It's acting with, through and as everyone and everything. I'm here to tell you. So look for the love in it, whatever it is for you. At least accept it. Resistance only causes more suffering.

Let it take you, and then ask what you can give. How you can love. Love what is right in front of you. How can you love whatever is in the shape of your Now? See it all with the heart's eye.

That is true seeing.

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