July 24, 2019

USA: NYPD Has Busted Three Men In Connection With The Caught-On-Video Water-Dousing Of Police In Harlem And Brooklyn. Facing Major Prison Time. Other Police Water Dousing Videos Surfacing.

Eyewitness News ABC7NY published on July 24, 2019: 3 charged after NYPD officers doused with water in NYC. Police on Wednesday announced that three men have been arrested in connection with incidents of on-duty NYPD officers being drenched with water.
New York Post
written by Larry Celona, Stephanie Pagones, Tina Moore and Natalie Musumeci
Wednesday July 24, 2019

The NYPD has busted three men, including a reputed Crips gang member on probation, in connection with the caught-on-video water-dousing of cops in Harlem and Brooklyn, law enforcement sources told The Post Wednesday.

Gangbanger Courtney “Killer Court” Thompson, 28, of the Crips subset “Fresh Gangstas” surrendered Wednesday morning at the 73rd Precinct stationhouse for his alleged involvement in the Brownsville water drenching incident, sources said.

Thompson, a Brownsville resident, was hit with charges of obstruction of governmental administration, criminal nuisance, criminal tampering, disorderly conduct and harassment, police said.

He has more than 20 prior arrests on his record, including for assault, said sources, who noted that most of the busts are sealed.

Thompson has been on probation since 2018 in connection to a 2015 robbery bust, according to sources.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan tweeted about Wednesday’s arrest, but did not name the suspect.

“Actions like we’ve seen in videos recently will NEVER be tolerated in this city. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED,” Monahan said in the tweet.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea also tweeted about the arrest, and included a screenshot of the suspect showing him tossing a blue bucket of water on a cop.

Two other suspects were taken into custody at the 28th Precinct stationhouse Wednesday in connection to a similar incident in Harlem where uniformed officers were captured on video getting soaked with buckets of water while making an arrest, sources said.

Both of the weekend incidents, which were caught on camera and were widely circulated on social media, show buckets of water being thrown at cops.

The Harlem incident, in which two cops were soaked while they were handcuffing a suspect on the hood of a black car, happened at West 115th Street and Seventh Avenue on Sunday, sources said.

Isaiah Scott, 23, of Roebling, New Jersey was identified as one of the two nabbed in connection to the Harlem incident, but “he was not arrested for anything to do with the cops,” police sources said.

Sources say Scott poured water on female civilian and was charged with criminal mischief for damaging her cell phone.

He was not involved in any of the actions against the police, according to sources.

Chad Bowden, 28, was charged with criminal mischief, two counts of harassment and disorderly conduct for the incident involving the woman, police sources said.

Footage of the Brooklyn incident, which happened on Saturday on East New York Avenue, shows two cops in totally wet uniforms walking away as even more water is flung at them.

At one point in that clip, Thompson allegedly can be seen dumping a full blue bucket of water on the back of one of the cops, who continues to walk away.

The water incidents sparked mass outrage among Big Apple dignitaries, NYPD brass and department unions, and even Vice President Mike Pence, who tweeted about the matter Tuesday.

“This conduct is disgraceful. President @realDonaldTrump and I will ALWAYS stand with the brave men & women of our law enforcement who serve on the thin blue line everyday. #StandWithNYPD,” Pence said in the tweet.
New York Post
written by Anabel Sosa and Natalie Musumeci
Wednesday July 24, 2019

A Brooklyn community activist said the gangbanger who was arrested Wednesday for the caught-on-camera water-soaking of cops in the borough had “no malicious intent.”

“It was a little fun that went too far,” Jerome Bolden, 45, a tenant association president at a NYCHA complex on Amboy Street Brownsville said. “There was no malicious intent or anything like that.”

Courtney Thompson, 28, who sources say is a member of the Crips subset “Fresh Gangstas,” surrendered Wednesday morning at the 73rd Precinct stationhouse for his alleged involvement in Saturday’s NYPD water-drenching incident in Brownsville.

“I spoke to Courtney this morning before he turned himself in,” said Bolden, a self-described “mentor” to younger neighborhood residents. “He was scared…He was nervous and didn’t mean to do anything malicious.”

“He started getting scared there was so much media attention,” Bolden said. “There was even a wanted poster about him. He didn’t think it would be that big but that’s why he turned himself in.”

Thompson, who sources say is on probation for a 2015 robbery bust and has more than 20 prior arrests on his record, was slapped with charges of obstruction of governmental administration, criminal nuisance, criminal tampering, disorderly conduct and harassment for the weekend incident.

“It was chaotic that day. It was super hot that day and people were just wetting each other,” Bolden said. “There was no violence. It wasn’t directed towards the police.”

Online footage of the incident shows two cops in soaked uniforms walking away without making any arrests as even more water is flung at them.

Bolden claimed the officers “were actually saying ‘Wet me! Wet me!’” but NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey of Brooklyn North denied that at the scene of the incident Wednesday, saying: “Water was thrown on them when they did not explicitly ask.”

Maddrey said the pair of cops were called to East New York Avenue on Saturday for a “disorderly group” before they were doused.

“That person should have been arrested on the spot those officers showed great restraint,” Maddrey said.

“Anyone who doesn’t ask to be wet or touched should not have to go through that,” said Maddrey. “This is more about respect. If respect was shown this would not have happened.”

Meanwhile, Thompson’s lawyer Doug Rankin told The Post that Thompson plans to plead not guilty to all the charges.

“He respects law and order,” said Rankin, who noted that Thompson’s mother is a captain with the city’s Department of Correction. “Hopefully we can get him exonerated quickly and we can put this behind us.”

Rankin also “emphatically” denied that Thompson is a gang member.
My gosh, talk about disconnected. How can the lawyer say, "He respects law and order." with a straight face. Exonerated? Really, there's video evidence. (emphasis mine)
“He has one conviction resulting in a misdemeanor for which he is on probation,” said Rankin.

Bolden said Thompson is a father who went to school to be a dog-behavioral expert.

“He has been trying to get away from bad things. He’s a young man trying to do good things,” Bolden said.


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