June 13, 2019

USA: A Transgender Actress STEALS and DESTROYS Trump Supporters Property Then Claims She Is The Victim. Media Is Reporting Transgender Was ASSAULTED By Trump Supporter. WOW Twisted ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

THIS WAS TWEETED by the transgender person who was OFFENDED by the Trump2020 sign. ๐Ÿ‘‡ This is how you want to represent the Trans community, really? You were trying to CENSOR a guy holding a sign because of your bias, your oppressive beliefs. You obviouisly don't understand what FREEDOM means. Irony. (emphasis mine)
BizPac Review
written by Tom Tillison
Sunday June 9, 2019

Trump that they believe their outrage trumps property rights.

Case in point, actor Indya Moore, star of FX’s “Pose,” was captured on video trying to steal a “Trump 2020” banner from the sidewalk in front of the studio where she was filming, according to Instinct Magazine.

“This is personal property, sweetheart!” a woman can be heard telling Moore as she tries to take possession of the banner.

“You’re not a fan of my show, and we don’t want you to be a fan of our show,” Moore can be heard saying.

As the actor tried to walk away with the Trump 2020 sign, a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” visor — the apparent owner — grabs it and begins aggressively pulling on it.

A violent tug of war breaks ensues as the man, identified as Dion Cini, is determined to not let Moore walk away with the banner.

The transgender actor holds on for dear life as others intervene, trying to get Cini to relent, but he’s not about to back down. After shoving one of the men away from him, he then shoved Moore, who was still holding on.

“They’re” response? Moore tried to steal the MAGA visor off the man’s head!

Police are seen intervening as the video ends, though it’s not clear what action, if any, was taken.

“Pose” is a drama spotlighting the legends, icons and ferocious house mothers of New York’s underground ball culture, according to FX website. The network touts that the show “features the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles.”

Moore plays Angel on the show, a sex worker longing for love and acceptance.

After the incident, Moore took to Twitter to post a message about political opinions.

“Hey y’all those of you with varying political opinions who also watch pose… Thank you for loving black trans women, please also love us in real life and make sure the love you have for us reflects your politics because our lives/welfare are at Mercy to your politics/’opinions,'” the actor tweeted.

Which is to say your political opinions must adhere to the personal choices of others, apparently.

Moore made history last month when she became the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of the fashion magazine Elle USA.

As for Cini, he’s clearly a proud support of President Trump’s and is not shy about letting that be known in the streets of New York City.

Not an easy task for sure, given the liberal nature of the city.

Cini shared a series of photos on Facebook after the “forcible robbery,” which is how he described the attempt to snatch the banner.

Yahoo News
written by Erin Donnelly
Tuesday June 11, 2019

Indya Moore, a star of the FX show Pose who identifies as transgender and non-binary, was attacked by a Donald Trump supporter after clashing with him over his “Keep America Great” sign.

Footage of the altercation was posted by Dion Cini, the man wearing a Make America Great Again visor who is shown scuffling with Moore. Cini is an outspoken Trump supporter who has previously made headlines for being banned from Disney Parks after holding up pro-Trump signs on park rides as well as recently clashing with a bartender who refused to serve him because of his MAGA hat.

According to Cini’s Facebook posts, he and fellow Trump supporters were demonstrating across the street from Trump Tower in Manhattan last Friday. Media outlets, including LGBTQ Nation, report that Moore was filming Pose at a studio nearby.

Though it’s unclear exactly how Moore and Cini initially crossed paths, Cini’s video shows the star, who uses singular “they” pronouns, stomping on his “Keep America Great” sign.

“Well, you guys aren’t fans of my show, and we don’t want you to be fans of our show,” they tell Cini and other Trump supporters, who can be heard threatening to call the police.

They then tried to walk off with the sign, at which point Cini swooped in to grab it back. An unidentified man approached the pair in what appears to be an attempt to defuse the situation, but Cini can be seen violently shoving both Moore and the other man while shouting, “Get the f*** outta here.”

Other men then came to Moore’s aid, at which point the Pose star yanked at Cini’s red visor. He retaliated by grabbing the men next to Moore, at which point an officer intervened. The video then jumps forward and shows officers speaking to an upset Moore. A loud male voice can be heard shouting, “You could’ve died for Trump!”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cini accused Moore’s friends of trying to escalate the situation, though one can be heard saying “relax” while holding up his hand. Cini also referred to the transgender performer and activist as “him.”

“The actor came over, started kicking a sign, and threw it to the ground,” he said, adding that he’d filed a police report.

“I let him continue to stomp on it. You can’t really hurt it, I’ve had other people kick it before ... “I have no grievances with the actor. I just don’t want to be robbed when I’m executing my First Amendment rights.”

Trump supporters on Cini’s Facebook page praised him for using violence to get his property back, many of them attacked Moore’s transgender identity by calling the 24-year-old “him/her/it.”

Moore, meanwhile, has not publicly commented on the matter. They did, however, reference the “increase of oppression and violence under this current administration” facing the transgender community in a tweet this week.

Thank you for loving my community, fighting for us, supporting us fight for ourselves and others who are experiencing an increase of oppression and violence under this current administration.

— IAM (@IndyaMoore) June 10, 2019
A spokesperson for Moore declined to comment on the matter.
The Media outright lies to the public. This is why we call them fake news. Read the headline above.


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