June 17, 2019

My Storyboard Spiritual Visual Interpretation Of What This Full Moon In Sagittarius On Monday, June 17th Is Ushering In For Us. 💖

The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.

UPDATE 6/18/19 at 2:19am: I want to emphasize the last picture gif showing Bambi filled with wonder emulating the grasshopper. It's not just a cute little cartoon gif. It sums up all the other picture gifs. For more clarity, please read the spiritual meaning below:

[source: Light Force Network]

Symbology: The grasshopper is associated with astral travel. They have the ability to leap through time and into space where the true mysteries of life exist. People with this medicine have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning. When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward....not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper's ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. He could be telling you to trust yours.

[source: Spirit Animal Totems]

In this case grasshopper symbolism is asking you to take a leap of faith. Similar to the black horse, you must go ahead and do it without knowing the outcome. Usually, this is something that you have avoided doing and is part of a large-scale change in direction. This shift can be an adjustment in a relationship, advance in a career or a transition within yourself. Grasshopper symbolism also means that you have the wisdom that you need to get past any obstacles in an efficient manner. For the most part, all possible outcomes will be positive.

[source: Hep6 Shamanism]

The grasshopper may be inherently an earth creature, it is also heavily attuned to the wind. Hence, it is both grounded and free, striking a balance between humility and daydreaming, between having its feet on the ground and having its head in the clouds.

In this sense, the grasshopper exhorts us to dream, and to not be afraid to consider flights of fancy. What we may consider impossible and out of reach may be right before our eyes in a moment. And just as the grasshopper leaps and hops into each opportunity, it encourages us to stretch our bones and search for the truth in our dreams.

When the grasshopper appears as your spirit animal, it is pushing us to start considering the “great unknown” that is facing our lives. There may be a question that we are evading, or an opening in our lives that we are not even looking at because we don’t know what lies beyond.

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