May 21, 2019

USA: U.S. District Judge In California Orders Antifa Communist Middle School Teacher Yvette Felarca To Pay Judicial Watch $22,000 Legal Fees For Her Totally Frivolous Lawsuit. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

The Gateway Pundit
written by Jim Hoft
Tuesday May 21, 2019

You may remember Yvette Felarca, the middle school teacher who is also the leader of an Antifa Communist group in California.

She made a bizarre appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show in 2017 after helping far left protesters shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos speech at UC Berkeley.

Felarca was arrested in September 2017 for battery and resisting arrest. She was arrested in July 2017 for inciting a riot.

A California judge announced this week ordered Yvette Felarca to pay Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees for her totally frivolous lawsuit against the conservative investigative group.
Judicial Watch reported May 21, 2019:

Judicial Watch announced that a U.S. District Judge in California awarded Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees in a case filed by an Antifa organizer in an effort to block Judicial Watch from obtaining information about her activities.

Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), and two co-plaintiffs were ordered to pay Judicial Watch $22,000 in attorney’s fees and $4,000 in litigation costs. Felarca had sued the BUSD in federal court to keep the school district from fulfilling its legal obligation to provide Judicial Watch with records of their communications mentioning: Felarca, Antifa, and/or BAMN. Judicial Watch also asked for Felarca’s personnel file.

Felarca is a prominent figure in By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a group founded by the Marxist Revolutionary Workers League that protests conservative speaking engagements. In 2016, Felarca and two of her allies were arrested and charged with several crimes, including felony assault, for inciting a riot in Sacramento. Earlier this year, Felarca was ordered to stand trial for assault.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria, Northern District of California, who had previously ruled that Felarca’s lawsuit was “entirely frivolous,” wrote in his ruling awarding legal fees to Judicial Watch that Felarca and her co-plaintiffs’ First Amendment claims were “premised on the obviously baseless assumption” that the First Amendment condemns the speech of some while condoning the ideological missions of others.

Judge Chhabria added that “The plaintiffs also mischaracterized the documents under review” and that the plaintiffs “failed to grapple with the role Ms. Felarca played in making herself a topic of public discourse through her physical conduct at public rallies and her voluntary appearance on Fox News.”

Along with Felarca’s $20,000 payment, co-plaintiffs Lori Nixon and Larry Stefl were ordered by Judge Chhabria to pay Judicial Watch $1,000 each (Yvette Felarca, et al., v. Berekely Unified School District, et al. (No. 3:17-cv-06282-VC)).

“Judicial Watch is entitled to attorney’s fees because the plaintiffs’ lawsuit was frivolous, and their litigation conduct was unreasonable,” Judge Chhabria wrote in his order.

Additionally, Judge Chhabria’s order holds the plaintiffs “jointly and severally liable” to pay Judicial Watch $4,000 in litigation expenses.

In 2017, Judicial Watch filed a California Public Records Act (CPRA) request seeking public records information about Felarca’s Antifa activism and its effect within the Berkeley Unified School District. In her lawsuit aimed at keeping the Berkeley school district from furnishing the records, Felarca alleged that Judicial Watch was misusing the law for political means and the district should refuse to provide the information.

In January 2018, a separate judge ordered Felarca to pay more than $11,000 in attorney and court fees for her frivolous attempt to get a restraining order against Troy Worden, the former head of the University of California (UC) Berkeley College Republicans.

“This is a huge victory for Judicial Watch against Antifa and the violent left,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “Ms. Felarca attacked Judicial Watch without basis and the court was right to reject her ploy to deny our ‘right to know’ because we don’t share her violent left views.”

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Here is Yvette Felarca who is a Middle School Teacher and also an Antifa leader who advocates using violence to shut down speech she and her group do not agree with. She and her group in the video are the same people who were arrested in their 'empathy tent'. Irony. You have to watch Tucker Carlson interview her in this video. It's incomprehensible that this insane woman is a teacher.
But everyone at CNN and MSNBC love and defend Antifa.

CNN says, "Activist seek peace through violence." Kind of like 'The Religion of Peace'. That's what this Islamic phrase means. It is only peaceful to Islam when their environment is ruled by Islamic sharia law. So, Islam seeks 'peace' as their Islamic militants worldwide overthrow non-Islamic nations one at a time.  Those of you who say these Islamic militants don't represent Muslims or Islam. Well, tell us why then do you accept the newly formed nation Islamic militants violently overthrew government and then IMPOSED Islamic sharia law on entire nation as legitimate?

For Islam, there is no 'peace' for Muslims outside of Islamic sharia rule. (emphasis mine)

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