May 4, 2019

New Moon In Taurus On Saturday May 4th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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New Moon is Saturday, May 4 at 4:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This new moon is grounded and offers a chance to accept change as the norm rather than a random act. As you become more aware of your process of growth, also become aware of a new sense of stability that comes from within instead of relying on the known and familiar aspects of your external environment.

This is a fertile time to set intentions around your commitment to become more aware, responsible, proactive and present. Work with the questions of who, where, what and with whom as an exercise to focus your awareness of where you are in your life right now. If you get clarity regarding a needed change, move into that change with ease and grace.


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Taurus New Moon
Sun in Taurus ~ Moon in Taurus 14ยบ
Saturnday, May 4, 4:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Sat. May 4, 10:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Beautiful, strong Taurus, you teach us to enjoy the riches of the Earth plane, to be resourceful, to know what we value, to dig in and work for what we want, to use the fecundity all around us to create abundance, and to value stability, consistency, and loyalty. A fixed, earth sign, Taurus with the rulership of Venus, Goddess of Love (and pleasure) is a fertile combination to begin a new cycle. We are in the period of Beltane celebration, cross quarter day and midpoint between spring and summer in the North (fall and winter in the Southern Hemisphere). Plants and animals are busy growing and reproducing, and gratitude is strong for our beautiful home planet. It’s a time to celebrate and dance and sing our joy to be alive and in a body.

The Sun and Moon, being in this power, earth sign, Taurus, are in an easing, helpful aspect to the Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn. Thanks be to the Divine! We can use a breather. The South Node has us in a major metamorphic neck hold with Saturn and Pluto in close conjunction creating a major release portal for the past, rigidity, power abuse, and doing the same ole routines that used to work and will no longer be relevant come the planetary resets of 2020. We are experiencing ground-shifting change personally and within our society. We are being asked to dig to the core of our core. Sun/Moon in Taurus is sextile the North Node and trine the South Node. Nature is our ally. Self-reliance is boosted. Riding the waves of chaos and destruction of the familiar is made more palatable. ‘Adapt’ is our new password.

The recent major planetary shift of Uranus into Taurus until 2026 has us adjusting to a new arena where a period of chaos and awakening can bring in a whole new way of being. Inspiration resides with Uranus, also the quirky, the innovative, the rebellious, and the fanatic. In this chart Mercury is closing in on Uranus and they will meet on May 8 in Taurus. Even if circumstances don’t shift, you can expect perceptions to shift, how you view a situation, an unexpected boost in frequency or the effect of a sudden release of a stuck mind set into a more harmonious flow. Perhaps we will be able to see the ‘big’ picture of change more easily and relax into an exhale and the groundedness of Taurus’ influence. This Taurus New Moon marks a welcoming to Uranus to full expression in its new sign.

Jupiter in Sagittarius 23ยบ, well placed in the sign it naturally rules, is in direct opposition to Mars in Gemini 22ยบ. Mars travelling ‘out of bounds’ for another six weeks means it’s untethered, wild, not playing by the rules and feeling frisky and risky. Jupiter’s opposition whose nature is to encourage boldness and largess in all forms is generally encouraging Mars to act out. Out of bounds Mars is known for IRRITATION, brashness, aggression even violence, but Gemini is more a mental sign than a physical one. In this case, watch those slips of the tongue; they may carry more torque than you intended. Monitor the sarcasm and quick, clever retorts as they may carry a sting. With awareness and grace, this Mars/Jupiter pairing can be channeled into seeing from a fresh mental perspective. You might listen to your mental voices and hear ego leading you in a dubious direction and BAM! You have a mini epiphany and a whole new perspective on your life and the negativity your ego projects out there on others (bosses, spouses, neighbors, news) gets owned, and you begin to see how taking care of yourself, coming firmly from the love you are, getting the love you need from yourself and your relationship with Spirit is the way through the transformation you’re called on to make.

Neptune making a long, slow journey through Pisces, the sign it rules, is also in a supportive relationship and providing emotional balance to both the Taurus Sun/Moon and to the demanding Capricorn South Node/Saturn/Pluto alignment. Neptune is like a solvent that helps dissolve all that needs to be released, all that needs to be surrendered. Neptune will help us connect in consciousness to a new dream, to make a sacred space to tune in to the music of the heavenly realms and to help us reach down into our souls to the poetry of these transitioning times that are asking so much of us. Let Neptune in Pisces open the field of compassion and unify us all through the heart and feeling nature.

Pallas Athena in Libra and Ceres in Sagittarius create a Finger of God formation focused on the Sun/Moon in Taurus. Thus the New Moon is used as an extension of Spirit with all of its aspects magnified and supported by Spirit. Ceres is a mother goddess, for nurturing and guiding us into other realms-birth, death, sacred ceremony. Athena is our creative, strategic intelligence, energetic healer and protectress of justice and culture. This New Moon cycle is heavily supported by benevolent forces and alignments. Clarity will come about what we truly value. We still have a predominance of initiating, action-taking cardinal signs in this chart (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) to help us see our next best step.

It’s a luscious time this Taurus New Moon cycle ruled by Venus. Make some tangible goals for bringing enjoyment through the body and to bring more beauty into your life. Receive the abundance you are offered and honor your havingness and the resources you have accumulated. Send love and gratitude to Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama for all her gifts.

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