April 19, 2019

Full Moon in Libra On Friday, April 19th Brings Dynamic Opportunities. Action Plus Momentum by Tania Gabrielle.

Second Full Moon in Libra
Dynamic Opportunities
Action + Momentum
written by Tania Gabrielle
contact her at www.TaniaGabrielle.com

A dynamic FULL MOON in Libra on April 19th fires up a quest for freedom and a deepening of profound, Soul-inspired love.

This is extremely powerful shift energy.
  • It is the second of TWO Full Moons in Libra this year
  • After five consecutive full moons at 0°, this is the first one at 29°
  • 29° is a “critical” degree – urging you to see the truth, and act
There is so much to the full moon.

Uranus at 2° Taurus is right next to the Sun at 29° degrees Aries and directly opposite the Moon at 29° Libra.
  • Uranus is connected to the electric, unpredictable energy and volatility. Energy is surprising, not stable.
  • And opposition to the Moon indicates something needs to be brought into harmony in your life.
  • There may be some back and forth swinging to take control of and understand.
Both the Universal Month for April, 2019 of 16/7 and Uranus represent the symbol of the lightning bolt!

Things will never be the same again after this month and January, 2020…

To make the energy even more potent (with fabulous opportunities for productive change that results in successful outcomes), during this Libra Full Moon a Grand Cross is triggered:

The Moon opposite Sun in Libra and Aries.

Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn opposite North Node in Cancer
  • This triggers a Grand Cross in the 4 Cardinal Signs.
With a dominant conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, currently on either side of the SOUTH NODE, impacting us for the next couple of years.

Focus especially how you choose to use Power, and Leadership in your life.

This Full Moon has a Visionary quality.

May the celestial sacred geometry of action and responsibility be your invitation to soar!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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