April 21, 2019

I'm Watching The NeverEnding Story (1984) It's Befitting Considering 7 Islamist Suicide Bombers Massacred Over 200 Christians Today In Sri Lanka On Christians Holiest Day Resurrection Sunday.

The Nothing = "Some people did some thing."
Sounds like Islam engulfing Western Civilization.
Christian massacre at a glance:

8 Islamist suicide blasts in one day.

3 Christian Churches packed with worshipers bombed by Islamist.
4 Hotels with guest celebrating Christian holy day bombed by Islamist.
1 house raided by police bombed by Islamist suicide bomber killing three police officers.

200 Christians massacred and 450 Christians injured IN ONE MORNING.

UPDATE 4/21/19 at 9:31pm: I added tweets below.

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