March 28, 2019

PAKISTAN: Persecuted Christian Woman Asia Bibi Remains Trapped In Pakistan Despite Acquittal And Denied Medical Care Because Of The Average Muslim Mob That Wants Her PUBLICLY EXECUTED.

The Daily Caller
written by Jon Brown
Thursday March 7, 2019

A Pakistani Catholic woman, acquitted in January of a blasphemy charge by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, remains trapped in the country amid fears that her health is failing.

Asia Bibi, 53, is reportedly living with her husband at a secret location in Karachi, Pakistan, where she is being denied medical care for her “low blood pressure,” according to a source who spoke with The Daily Mail. The source explained that Bibi is “very unwell” and expressed frustration that she is being kept by the Pakistani army from following her children to Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered asylum.

“Everyone is very worried,” the source continued, according to the Mail. “She won her appeal and was supposed to be out of Pakistan by now. Even though the government says she can leave, the army has all the power in this case.”

“They are in control of her. They are fearful about getting a negative press if she speaks out about her experiences – but they will get an even worse press if she dies in protective custody.”

Bibi spent nearly a decade languishing in a Pakistani prison after being accused of blasphemy against Mohammed, a capital offense in the Islamic Republic. On a sweltering day in June 2009, the illiterate field hand claimed to have been picking berries with women from her village when they demanded she fetch them a cup of water. When she returned, the women refused to drink after her because of her Christian faith.

“I want the whole world to know that I’m going to be hanged for helping my neighbor,” Bibi recounted to a French journalist in 2011 from her small prison cell. “I’m guilty of having shown someone sympathy. What did I do wrong? I drank water from a well belonging to Muslim women, using ‘their’ cup, in the burning heat of the midday sun.”

Bibi and her family were the only Christians in her remote Pakistani village, where her neighbors pressured her relentlessly to convert to Islam. Christians make up less than two percent of the population in Pakistan, according to the Library of Congress.

“We Christians have always stayed silent,” Bibi remembered. “We’ve been taught since we were babies never to say anything, to keep quiet because we’re a minority. But I’m stubborn too and now I want to react, I want to defend my faith. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with courage.”

“I’m not going to convert,” Bibi told the women when they began to hurl curses at her, reviling Jesus and demanding her conversion. “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind? And why should it be me that converts instead of you?”

Bibi was dragged before the village cleric for such comments and taken to a prison outside Lahore, Pakistan, near the Indian border. For nearly 10 years, she awaited a pending death sentence until being acquitted in October 2018. Riots roiled the country in response, leading to the arrest of several radical Islamist clerics who used the Bibi case to call for the overthrow of the Pakistani government.

Her case at last reached the three-person Supreme Court of Pakistan in January, which tossed out an appeal by Islamist radicals and acquitted her again. “The image of Islam we are showing to the world gives me much grief and sorrow,” Pakistan’s Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa said.

written by Alex Williams
Thursday February 28, 2019

A Christian woman held in protective custody since being cleared of blasphemy in Pakistan last year says she has no idea when the green light might be given, allowing her to finally leave the country.

Asia Bibi, who was moved from Islamabad to Karachi after a legal challenge to her acquittal was dismissed, has spoken via phone to one of her daughters.

According to a friend quoted by The Times, the 47-year-old said: "No one is telling me when they will release me and send us abroad."

The newspaper says Ms Bibi is being stopped from completing her asylum paperwork while authorities put pressure on her to refrain from criticising Pakistan during media appearances once she leaves.

It is understood the mother-of-five intends to be reunited with her children in Canada - which has already offered her sanctuary.

Pakistan has previously insisted that Ms Bibi is technically free to leave, despite concerns that her departure is being deliberately delayed.

One senior official told The Times: "Bibi will leave soon once the documentation process is completed and we get the green lights from the host country."

Ms Bibi spent eight years on death row after being convicted of insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She always denied any wrongdoing.

Her acquittal last October prompted protests by hard-line Islamists, who claim she should be publicly executed.
Mind you, the Muslim mob in Pakistan want her PUBLICLY EXECUTED because Islam perceives Christians as FILTHY, she drank from the same cup of water she offered them AND A MUSLIM WOMAN FALSELY ACCUSED the Christian woman of OFFENDING their Islam prophet Muhammad. The Christian mother and wife received a DEATH SENTENCE by the Pakistan court for blasphemy OFFENDING ISLAM. She spent more than 8 years in a horrible prison under solitary confinement. Thank God Asia Bibi had an attorney that took her case all the way to the Pakistan Supreme Court that upheld Asia Bibi's blasphemy ACQUITTAL. (emphasis mine)

DW, Germany
written by Ahmad Waqas Goraya (The Hague)
November 6, 2018

Saif-ul-Mulook, the lawyer of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani-Christian woman who was recently acquitted after spending eight years on death row on blasphemy charges, fled Pakistan to the Netherlands on Saturday due to security reasons. He tells DW that if the international community does not help him now, no lawyer in Pakistan will ever take up a blasphemy case again.
Many argue that Pakistan is not an Islamic sharia ruled nation. Well, this man was forced to run away because Muslims that pretty much rule the nation, WANTED HIM KILLED for defending the Christian in the Pakistan court system.  So who pray tell controls the nation of Pakistan? Islam that's who. (emphasis mine)

Daily Mail published February 1, 2019: Hundreds of protesters led by the radical Tehreek-e-Labbaik party threw bricks at police and smashed up their cars in Karachi on Friday as they damanded Asia Bibi be returned to death row for blasphemy. Officers used batons and tear gas to disperse the crowds, though nationwide protests failed to materialise after hundreds of activists were locked up ahead of time to prevent trouble. The marches took place despite Mrs Bibi's lawyer suggesting earlier in the day that she had already flown to Canada, where her daughters live, along with her husband.
Does this mob look like "some Muslims"? That's what I always hear from people describing Islamist terror worldwide. This Muslim mob in the hundreds want the Christian mom and wife PUBLICLY EXECUTED per Islamic sharia law BECAUSE they claim she OFFENDED Islam even though the SUPREME COURT acquitted her. Try to wrap your head around that. This is just a tiny part of the world. Now multiply this exponentially WORLDWIDE.
(emphasis mine)

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