February 9, 2019

Pikachu Power! 💖 I'm BAAACK. 😊


I missed you SO MUCH...❤

Hi everybody! So sorry I was MIA and made you worry about me. I went out of town for work. I like to call it a paycation lol. I didn't want to announce that I was not home for obvious reasons. I had no access to a computer. I don't like to blog using my cell phone or tablet. I took a couple days off taking care of personal business and cleaning the house when I returned home. But, as you can see I am back now so ready to catch up on all of the craziness out there in our beautiful world. Plus, we just had a New Moon in Aquarius and people around the world just celebrated the Chinese New Year welcoming in the Year of the Pig. I'll be sharing the spiritual meaning of both the New Moon and the Year of the Pig. I too am interested in finding out what is being ushered in for us all. So, with that being said I hope life has been treating you all well and now I'm going to get to blogging. BIG hugs for you all. 😊 Love you! ❤

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