January 27, 2019

PHILIPPINES: Islamist Militant Necromongers Exploded Two Bombs Inside Catholic Christian Cathedral During Mass And Outside Of The Church. 20 People Murdered And 81 Were Wounded.

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The Wall Street Journal
written by Associated Press
Sunday January 27, 2019

JOLO, Philippines — Two bombs minutes apart tore through a Roman Catholic cathedral on a southern Philippine island where Muslim militants are active, killing at least 20 people and wounding 81 others during a Sunday Mass, officials said.

The first bomb went off inside the Jolo cathedral in the provincial capital, followed by a second blast outside the compound as government forces were responding to the attack, security officials said. The explosions blew away the entrance to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and ripped through the main hall, scattering the wooden pews and toppling other doors.

Police said at least 20 people died and 81 were wounded, correcting an earlier toll due to double counting. The fatalities included 15 civilians and five troops. Among the wounded were 14 troops, two police and 65 civilians.

Troops in armored carriers sealed off the main road leading to the church while vehicles were transporting the dead and wounded to the town hospital. Some casualties were evacuated by air to nearby Zamboanga city.

“I have directed our troops to heighten their alert level, secure all places of worships and public places at once, and initiate proactive security measures to thwart hostile plans,” Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said in a statement.

Jolo island has long been troubled by the presence of Abu Sayyaf militants, who are blacklisted by the U.S. and the Philippines as a terrorist organization because of years of bombings, kidnappings and beheadings.

No one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

It came nearly a week after minority Muslims in the predominantly Roman Catholic nation endorsed a new autonomous region in the southern Philippines in hopes of ending nearly five decades of a separatist rebellion that has left 150,000 people dead. Although most of the Muslim areas approved the autonomy deal, voters in Sulu province, where Jolo is located, rejected it. The province is home to a rival rebel faction that is opposed to the deal as well as smaller militant cells that aren’t part of any peace process.

Western governments have welcomed the autonomy pact. They worry that small numbers of Islamic State-linked militants from the Middle East and Southeast Asia could forge an alliance with Filipino insurgents and turn the south into a breeding ground for extremists.
Catholic Herald
written by Staff
Sunday January 27, 2019

Two bombs have killed at least 27 people attending Sunday Mass at a cathedral in the southern Philippines.

The first explosion took place inside the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Jolo island at 08:45 local time.

The second device was detonated in the car park as soldiers rushed to help victims of the first blast.

Most of the victims are civilians.

Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana deplored the attack and urged locals to work with the authorities to “deny terrorism any victory”.

No group has so far claimed responsibility, but Islamists are active on the island.

UPDATE 1/27/19 at 6:05am: I added tweets below.
Yahoo News
written by AFP staff
Sunday January 27, 2019

At least 18 people were killed Sunday when a double bomb attack hit a Catholic church on a southern Philippine island that is a stronghold of Islamist militants, the military said, days after voters backed expanded Muslim self-rule in the region.

A powerful first blast shattered pews and left bodies strewn inside the cathedral in the Catholic-majority nation's restive south as mass was being celebrated.

Just moments later a second explosion outside killed troops who were rushing to help the wounded in the smoking and heavily damaged church on Jolo, which is overwhelmingly Muslim.

It is one of the deadliest bomb attacks to strike the insurgency-plagued southern Philippines in years, and shows the violence in the region is not over despite recent steps toward peace, experts said.

The bloodshed came less than a week after voters' decisive approval of a plan to give Muslims in the south more control over their own affairs, which sparked hopes of quelling long-time separatist violence.
Read the paragraph above again. The "moderate" Muslims want autonomy in the region they have a majority of the population. They were demanding the right to impose Islamic sharia law. That's what "give Muslims in the South more control over their OWN AFFAIRS" means. So, basically, the Muslims will stop bombing and killing people if you let them takeover the region. Isn't that colonizing? (emphasis mine)
"Just because the (referendum) has passed does not mean that things are going to get better overnight," said Gregory Wyatt, director for business intelligence at PSA Philippines Consultancy.

"There are still militant groups that will continue to be active and pose a security threat," he told AFP.

Manila swiftly vowed to hunt down the attackers, but no group has claimed the bombing.

"We will pursue to the ends of the earth the ruthless perpetrators behind this dastardly crime," presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said in a statement. "The law will give them no mercy."

Five soldiers, a member of the coast guard and 12 civilians were among the dead while 83 other people were wounded, said regional military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Gerry Besana.

The regional police chief Graciano Mijares put the toll slightly higher at 20 dead, lower than a figure of 27 he gave initially.

The second bomb was left in the utility box of a motorcycle in the parking area outside the church, a military report said.

Authorities said the notorious Abu Sayyaf kidnap-for-ransom group could be behind the blasts.

"When you talk about terrorism in Sulu, the primary suspect is always the (Abu Sayyaf) but we are not discounting the possibility that there are other perpetrators," Besana told AFP.

The remote island of Jolo is a base of the Abu Sayyaf, which is blamed for deadly bombings, including an attack on a ferry in Manila Bay in 2004 that claimed 116 lives in the country's deadliest terror assault.

- Peace spoilers? -

The Abu Sayyaf is a loose network of militants formed in the 1990s with seed money from Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network, and has earned millions of dollars from banditry and kidnappings-for-ransom, often targeting foreigners.

It is among armed networks based in the strife-torn region of Mindanao, some of whose members have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

Abu Sayyaf is not part of the decades-long peace process with the nation's largest separatist group, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, that culminated January 21 with the resounding approval of a new Muslim led-region in the south.

Rebels and the government in Manila hope the new so-called Bangsamoro area will finally draw the investment needed to pull the region from the brutal poverty that makes it a hotspot for radical recruitment.

Despite Sulu province -- which includes Jolo -- voting against creating the new region, the area will still be part of the Bangsamoro.

The timing of Sunday's bombs raised questions on whether the attack was meant to derail the peace process.

Mujiv Hataman, a regional leader in the Philippines south, said the blasts highlighted the urgency of implementing the peace law.

"I hope the (law) is implemented well so it could be a solution to stop the spread of terrorism," Hataman told AFP.

National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon said "extremist criminals" plotted the bombings.

"We will not allow them to spoil the preference of the people for peace," Esperon said. "Peace must prevail over war."
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UPDATE 1/27/19 at 8:04pm: I added the tweets below.

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